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Terms & Conditions

Terms of use define the rules of purchase that ensure the quality of our service and customer satisfaction.


  1. The service provider operates under the name Health institution - Apoteka "Alek" ;
  2. The headquarters of the service provider is at Kovin, Ul.Trg Oslobodjenja  br.6a ;
  3. Activity - Retail sale of pharmaceutical goods in specialized stores - pharmacies;
  4. Service provider activity code is 47.73 ;
  5. The service provider's identification number is: 08947783 ;
  6. The tax ID / PIB / of the service provider is: 108597640 ;
  7. The provider's web address is www.apotekaonline.rs ;
  8. The contact phone provider is +381 13 745 755 ;
  9. The email address of the service provider is [email protected] ;
  10. The service provider is registered with the Court of Appeal in Pancevo, under reg. 5-268 ;


Products are ordered through the basket. If the seller is not able to deliver all the ordered products, he will deliver the available of the selected products, and he will inform the buyer by e-mail or telephone, indicating the delivery of the remaining products. With the delivery of these products, they will send an email to the buyer within the stipulated time for delivery of the remaining products.


On the website www.apotekaonline.rs you can use three basic payment methods:

  • Payment by payment cards
  • I will pay for the products delivered to my home address
  • Prepay by bank or post office

Payment with payment cards is enabled with the processing of Banca Intesa, and only the amount written on the offer / product is paid. All debit and credit VISA, Master Card, Maestro and American Express cards can be paid. When making a card payment online, the card information is entered on a secure bank page. Payment card security is guaranteed by the payment card processor whose pages process the entire payment process. When entering payment card information, confidential information is transmitted over a public network in a secure (encrypted) form using SSL protocols and PKI systems, as currently state-of-the-art technology. You can make payment by credit card at any time, day or night, weekends and holidays, and vouchers or confirmation of payment will be available within minutes. Payment information is guaranteed by the payment card processor, Banca Intesa ad Beograd, so the complete payment process is performed on the bank's website.

Payment by coupon applies only to products delivered to your home address. When picking up the product, the courier of the service is required to pay the amount of the shipment ordered on the site as well as the price of the postage if the goods with value less than 3,000.00 RSD are ordered. It is important that someone is present in the household when it is expected that the shipment will not be returned, because in this case all the costs of resending are borne by the buyer. If no one is at home, in the case of sending by courier, the courier leaves a document containing the time of delivery attempt, as well as the time and place, ie. when and where the buyer can pick up his shipment. Usually, it is about 5 business days, but it is important to read what it says on the document that the courier left in the mailbox when trying to deliver. Delivery of the product by courier service can also be made without payment on delivery, that is, by payment by another method, while the courier is only paid by postage.

Using the site

Users agree to use the content of our site solely for their own use and at their own risk. Users are strictly forbidden to use specialized programs (robots, crawlers, spiders) to download content from the site, as well as any hacking attacks to disable or slow down the site. Unauthorized use from the previous paragraph is considered a violation of the rules and is subject to criminal charges.

General terms

After receiving the order through the site, the seller is obliged to make the confirmation by phone or e-mail. After confirmation of the order by the buyer, the order is considered completed. The seller agrees to deliver the ordered items undamaged and within the stipulated time. In case of any change, the seller is obliged to notify the buyer when ordering the phone. In case of a mismatch of the delivery prices stated on this site with the prices of the courier service, you will be notified of the changes when you confirm your order by phone.


When picking up a shipment, we ask customers to check their package in the presence of a courier. If there is visible damage (torn parts and clogging) on the package, they should not take over the package. In this case, please call our customers by phone +381 13 745 755 or send us an e-mail with your details (name, phone number) at [email protected] and to state the reason why they refused to take the package. We will notify customers of further action as soon as possible.

If the buyer received the shipment and after opening the package found that the delivered goods did not correspond to the ordered or if the information on the invoice is not appropriate, please call us at the phone number +381 13 745 755 or within 24 hours from the moment of receipt of the shipment. to send us an email with their details (first name, last name, phone number) to the address [email protected] and a description of the problem. We will notify customers of further action as soon as possible.

The seller is responsible for the bad quality of the delivered goods. Unlawfulness exists if the goods sold do not have the necessary characteristics for the regular use of that type of goods, in accordance with its purpose. If indifference arises within two years from the moment of delivery of the goods to the buyer, the buyer has the right to advertise the purchased goods. If the malpractice arises within six months of the moment of delivery of the goods to the buyer, the malpractice shall be presumed to exist at the moment of delivery of the goods to the buyer, unless this is contrary to the nature of the goods or the nature of the particular malpractice.

The complaint procedure is initiated by the buyer by completing the complaint form. The claim form can be downloaded HERE. The customer must include the following information in the claim form:

  • Your first and last name,
  • address of residence,
  • telephone number or e-mail address,
  • account number,
  • the price of goods purchased,
  • a description of the malpractice the goods contain,
  • the customer's request regarding the removal of malpractice,
  • the date the goods were received by the buyer,
  • buyer's handwritten signature.

By his signature on the Claim, the buyer confirms that the information stated in the Claim is correct, as well as that he agrees that the seller may send the acknowledgment of receipt of the Claim for complaint and submit his response to the stated complaint electronically to the buyer's e-mail address provided by him. in the complaint filed. The buyer has the right to demand, at the time of the complaint, that the malpractice be remedied at the seller's expense:

  • repair of the goods advertised,
  • by substituting advertised goods for the same or similar goods,
  • has the right to demand a corresponding reduction in price and
  • termination of the contract, in which case the seller is obliged to refund the purchase price to the buyer.

The advertised product, together with the printed and filled Inquiry form and invoice, is delivered by the buyer to the seller via registered mail, and through the courier service Dexpress to the address Medical institution - Pharmacy "Alek", 26220 Kovin, Trg Oslobodjenja br.6a. Shipping costs are borne by the seller. The date of filing a complaint is the date the seller received the registered mail at the address above. Upon receipt of the specified registered shipment (complaint), the seller will electronically send to the buyer the e-mail address specified by the buyer in the Complaint Request.

The seller is obliged to resolve the complaint no later than 8 days after filing the complaint. The Seller shall notify the Buyer of the manner of resolving the complaint in writing, by registered post, at the address of the buyer's residence which he has indicated in the Complaint Request or electronically at the e-mail address provided by the Buyer in the Complaint Request. In the event that the seller finds that there is a malpractice, he will accept the complaint and will notify the buyer electronically, via the e-mail address given by the buyer in the Request for Reclamation, to accept the complaint.

The seller is obliged, in case of accepting the complaint, to act on the request of the buyer as he stated in the claim for complaint within a period not exceeding 15 days. If the buyer opts for the repair of the goods, the seller will deliver the repaired goods to the buyer in the same way as the original advertised goods. If the buyer opts for the exchange of goods for the same or similar goods, the seller will deliver the new goods to the buyer in the same way as the originally advertised goods. If the buyer has opted for an appropriate price reduction, and has already paid the seller the full purchase price, the seller will refund the buyer the amount of the difference between the purchase price paid and the corresponding price reduction. If the buyer chooses to terminate the contract, the seller will refund the full amount of the purchase price paid to the buyer.

In the event that the seller finds that the complaint is unfounded, in writing, by registered post, he will inform the buyer that the complaint procedure has been completed and that the complaint was not considered, stating the reason why the complaint was not accepted. Also, with a written notice that the complaint is not accepted, the seller will deliver the advertised goods to the buyer.

Special conditions for orders from abroad

Apotekaonline confirms that all items on the portal www.apotekaonline.rs are free for sale online, we also confirm and guarantee that all ordered goods will be sent to the end customer within the agreed time. Apotekaonline guarantees that the paid delivery price includes customs and courier service costs in the country of export (Serbia).

Apotekaonline cannot guarantee and does not know whether there will be import duty costs, this depends on the specifics of the package as well as on the decision of the customs of the importer's (buyer's) country. Apotekaonline disclaims responsibility if, for any reason, the Customs of the importer's country does not want to clear the package. Apotekaonline does not get the package back in this case, Customs keeps such packages and we will not and cannot be obliged to refund the money. Apotekaonline will send goods only under these conditions.

Special note - Due to the specificity of the goods, we recommend that you first check with the Customs in your country whether you can import the item you are interested in (pay special attention to products that are taken orally because regardless of the fact that they are registered as Dietary Supplements and are freely available for sale, each country, each Customs has its own local regulations and it may happen that the import of the same is not allowed. If the Customs does not allow the import of certain items, if the costs of returning the package are greater than the value of the goods, Apotekaonline reserves the right not to accept the return of the goods, in this situation Apotekaonline will not be able to refund the money because we informed you in time about the possible situation.

All subsequent complaints about money refunds will not be accepted because we informed you in a timely and clear manner about possible complications.

By creating a purchase order, you automatically accept these Special Conditions for orders from abroad (outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia).

Waiver of contract

The buyer has the right to cancel the contract within 14 days from the day of receipt of the goods, without stating the reasons for the cancellations and without bearing other costs other than the cost of postage when returning the goods. In case of cancellation of the contract, the buyer is obliged to notify the seller by telephone at 013 / 745-755 or e-mail [email protected]. Upon receipt of notice by the buyer of the cancellation of the contract, the seller will provide the buyer with detailed instructions for further action in writing or by e-mail. The Seller will provide the Buyer with a Statement of Waiver of the Contract which the Buyer is required to complete.

It is necessary for the buyer to print, complete and sign and submit to the Seller the Declaration of Waiver from the contract at the address Healthcare Institution - Pharmacy "Alek", 26220 Kovin, Trg Oslobodjenja br.6a, together with the goods. The package containing the return goods must be tightly packed and glued with adhesive tape. Goods returned as a result of cancellation of the contract must be unused, undamaged and packed.

In case the buyer who has canceled the contract has paid the full purchase price, the seller will return the money paid to him within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Declaration of cancellation.

Health Institution - Pharmacy "Alek"

Kovin, Ul. Oslobodjenje Square no. 6a, SERBIA

Email: [email protected]

Guarantee of quality

Online pharmacy "Alek" guarantees the quality of its products. All items are original brands and conform to the specification stated on the site. In case of deviation from the specified specification or defect, we undertake to replace the product with you, and we will bear all the costs of replacement. You need to return the product with an invoice. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is the responsibility of the Seller and the Buyer during delivery to inspect the product and to indicate any mechanical damage, in which case the product will be replaced. The warranty does not apply in case of defect caused by improper use.


Before buying a drug, you can consult your doctor or our pharmacist if you are not sure: whether you need it at all, how it works, how it is administered (orally or externally), how it is dosed, how long it is taken, whether it can be used with the medication that you already use, whether it should be given to children or pregnant women, if you intended it. After purchasing any product from this site, we recommend that you always read the manufacturer's instructions thoroughly and use them when applying or using them.

Accuracy of information

We strive to be as accurate as possible in product descriptions, images and prices, but we cannot guarantee that all information is complete and error free. The information on this site may be incomplete or out of date. We download data from the manufacturer or importer and copy and store it and do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the data on this site. The information on this site is not, and cannot be, a substitute for the opinion of a physician or pharmacist. Pharmacy "Alek" reserves the right to make mistakes and to change prices.


We do not accept any liability for orders received or goods delivered to persons under 18 years of age.

Pharmacist advice

Alec Online Pharmacy, as well as associates who provide services through the Website, do not accept responsibility for any medical, legal or financial events and results regarding the services provided through the service, ask the pharmacist. The Website is not intended to be used for:

  • 1. Treatment of an emergency medical condition or illness
  • 2. Advise or resolve legal, medical or financial matters beyond what is agreed in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

For any medical emergency, you should contact the emergency number in your country immediately.

You should use the information or advice of a pharmacist on the website as a guide, not as a definitive advice, treatment, and to be adopted without any consultation with your personal physician, pharmacist. Nothing used on this site can replace the doctor-patient relationship. This website is not intended for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, but for informational purposes only. You accept all tips and or information obtained directly or indirectly through the Website at your own risk. Alec's Online Pharmacy Website, or any of its owners, managers, directors, employees, agents, partners, advertisers, or associates, does not assume any legal responsibility for any inaccurate or misleading information that is professional or contained within the site. The information on this site (including but not limited to pharmacist) is for general informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for professional medical advice, evaluation, and care by your physician, pharmacist, or other qualified health care professional. Nothing on this site should be used to treat or diagnose a medical or medical condition or replace any relationship with your doctor, pharmacist, or other qualified healthcare professional. The health information posted on this site and the interactive responses (if any) are not intended and are not intended to be professional medical advice. We encourage you to consult other sources and confirm the information contained within this web portal. Ask your doctor for advice on the use of any opinion or recommendation regarding symptoms, or health. For health issues, including decisions about medications and other treatments, you should always consult your doctor or other qualified physicians. If you have or suspect you have a medical problem or condition, contact your doctor, pharmacist, or other qualified healthcare professional immediately. You should never ignore medical advice or delay seeking help from your doctor because of some of the information you have read on this site (including but not limited to pharmacists). You should not start any medicines, dietary supplements, or any treatment because you have read this on our site until you consult your doctor, pharmacist, or other qualified healthcare professional.

Content of the Online Pharmacy Alek Website is not intended to be a substitute for a professional physician-pharmacist-patient relationship, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a lawyer, physician or professional financial institution for any questions you may have regarding a legal, medical or financial situation. Never ignore professional legal, medical or financial advice because of information provided by our professional associates through the site.

Consent and Conditions Changes

The Buyer is required to read these Terms of Purchase before purchasing through the Online Pharmacy Alek Website. The Seller agrees to abide by all of the above, and any changes to the Terms will only become effective upon posting on this site. Use of our services implies the consent of the user to all the stated Terms of purchase on this site.