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Dr. Viton Magnesan NEURO is an essential cocktail of magnesium, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and ginkgo biloba that are responsible for the proper functioning of the brain, nervous system and stimulants of good mood and well-being.A powerful cocktail that stimulates the proper functioning of ..
899.00 RSD 990.00 RSD
DR WERNER URIMIL NEURO - 2016 - Vitamins and minerals..
1,290.00 RSD 1,500.00 RSD
Brand: DR. MAYER
DR. MAYER SLIM GTS 2020 - gts2020 - Apparatus for rinsing teeth and gums..
5,900.00 RSD 6,900.00 RSD
Brand: DR. MAYER
DR. MAYER TORNADO WT6000 - wt6000 - Apparatus for rinsing teeth and gums..
7,500.00 RSD 12,400.00 RSD
Vitamin E as an active antioxidant neutralizes free radicals and their adverse effect on the body. Protects cells from toxic products from food and the environment, contributes to the strengthening of the immune response and the vitality of the body so it is also called vitamin of youth. Protects th..
1,517.00 RSD 1,685.00 RSD
As a dietary supplement shows protective effect of vitamin E on your body! Suitable for external use. Vitamin E is a natural moisturizing substance that restores skin moisture, elasticity and softness and maintains a youthful looking skin. Stimulates healing processes and burns and helps remove scar..
2,174.00 RSD 2,415.00 RSD
STRENGTHENS IMMUNITYEchinacea has been used in traditional medicine for centuries as a medicinal herb. Stimulating the white blood cells and shows has an anti-inflammatory effect and antiviral action. It also stresses its role in fungal infections. Numerous studies have confirmed that Echinacea ..
1,296.00 RSD 1,440.00 RSD
EKCEMON-D MAST ZA TRETMAN EKCEMA - 860617651620 - Scars..
690.00 RSD 750.00 RSD
ESENBAK PROBIOTIK KAPSULE - 40000834 - Bloating..
347.00 RSD 380.00 RSD
ESENBAK S.BOULARDII FORTE - 40000864 - Bloating..
369.00 RSD 420.00 RSD
ESENSA LETNJI PAKET - esensa-letnji-paket - Dr. Plant baby and kids..
1,149.00 RSD 1,500.00 RSD
Better vitamin C, the number one recommended by pharmacists in the United States.Natural Wealth ® Ester C is a unique patented form of vitamin C, manufactured codes which makes it a pH neutral. Bland is the stomach so that it can take and those people with a sensitive stomach. Appendix f-Sor..
2,039.00 RSD 2,265.00 RSD
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