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GOOD-BYE KILOGRAMS Product description: The product is intended for the regulation of body weight, leading to loss of weight. Good bye weight cause body weight to normal and held at that level. Goodbye weight accelerating metabolism, thereby enhancing fat consumption, leading to weight loss. Th..
828.00 RSD
Brand: Gymstick
Product Description Gymstick bag + DVD Gymstick with bigger load for fitness and recreation + DVD with exercises Available in weights of 5, 10, 15 and 20 kg...
5,030.00 RSD
Brand: Gymstick
Gymstick bar for aerobics renowned firms Gymstick. Available in sizes: M, L..
2,350.00 RSD
Brand: Gymstick
Box gloves renowned firms Gymstick. Available in sizes: M, L..
2,999.00 RSD
Brand: Gymstick
Gym bar for door renowned firms Gymstick Corresponds to every vent in the door...
2,300.00 RSD
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