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Bunions, calluses

Brand: RAZNO
Alphabet Sight X 2 is built on the basis of years of experience apotetekarke practice Mr.Ph Popovic, as part of the Alphabet Collection of PHARMAVITA COSMETICS, with the role to the most effective so far, with no consequences for kpžu, fixed the inconvenience and your feet provide a safe and relaxed..
360.00 RSD
EFFECT: This product efficiently removes corns, warts, calluses or hyperkeratosis. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Lukewarm water and neutral SOAP to wash the area where corn, warts or Hyperkeratosis, and thereafter the area; the surrounding area of skin thoroughly dry. For corn, the nipple or Hyperkeratos..
350.00 RSD
DONNA NATURA DIFOTEN cream Product description: Due to changes that occur in blood vessels and nerves for the duration of diabetes, eventually coming to a change in the quality of the leather foot. The skin becomes dry, sensitive, irritated, prone to cracking, hurting and infections. On such..
630.00 RSD
Brand: RAZNO
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply a balm with a brush on bunions or nipple in the evening before bed. Wait a few minutes to dry and creates skim beličasta that you should not take off until the next smudging. The procedure repeated every night until you completely remove the eye or kurjeg nipples. While ca..
220.00 RSD
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