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Deodorant cash for hotels, home, sports, camping, hunting and fishing. Sport:  XSUPPORT ™ MAXI bag absorbing unwanted odors and dry out the moisture-Zeolite drying effect prevents the formation of conditions for the development of bacteria and fungi, which significantly reduces the ri..
948.00 RSD
Brand: Medisana
Air ioniser and prečistač air XJ-2000 Product description: Extremely efficient product of Medisana air ioniser air "Prečistač 2000" XJ "for cleaning the air in your home, apartment or premises. Works on the principle of using advanced technologies and products, the ion breeze fr..
11,949.00 RSD
Brand: Medisana
Air ioniser and prečistač air XJ-2100 Product description: Conditioning filtrating of Medisana "known as the" XJ "Prečistač 2100 provides You in a very short time, the result of an influx of fresh and pure air in the room where you are staying. His work "Prečistač XJ-210..
14,949.00 RSD
Brand: Medisana
Closed space where people reside often is filled with stale air and dust. The rooms in the House, rooms, bathrooms, or at work, kancelarijlama, kitchens problem arises due to collecting the impurities in the air. After a very short time, bacteria and viruses that multiply and spread in such an envir..
4,950.00 RSD
Universal deodorant for hotels, restaurants, Office and home. Usage: XSUPPORT ™ PYRAMID absorbs odors and dry out the moisture. In this way reduces the ability of respiratory irritation in hotels, restaurants, offices, home, car, camper and at every other place where your important pleasan..
345.00 RSD
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