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Remedies for coughing

BRONCAMIL syrup-natural help for the good condition of the respiratory tract. Coughing is a natural reflex defense to remove secretions and foreign bodies and one of the most common symptoms for which the children occur at a doctor's appointment.  This reflex can be very tedious and exh..
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INTUSIN POWDER Product description: Your friend in the fight against cough. Intusin looks at dry cough and productive by razređuje bronchial secretion and helps his elimination from pneumonia with produktinog cough, while it also looks favorably on relaxing the smooth muscles of the respirato..
579.00 RSD
The syrup contains liquid extract of Hawthorn leaf, a plant that is already used for centuries to treat inflammation of the throat, acute and chronic cough and bronchitis. Man syrup has proven to be an extremely safe and effective means to soothe an inflamed throat. Essential oil of anise as an ingr..
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Special offer lasts while stocks last. Five-time effect:     RAZREĐUJE SECRETIONS (mukolitički)     HELPS EJECT SECRETIONS (ekpektorantni)     PREVENTS ATTACKS of COUGH (antitusivni)     OPENS the BRONCHI and FA..
412.00 RSD
HERBIKO PROPOMUCIL POWDER, 600 mg Product description: Herbiko PropoMucil 600 powder to dissolve, thanks to its unique composition, it is recommended to children and adults in order to preserve the normal respiratory function. Composition:  Mixtures with 20% propolis dry extract, standa..
489.00 RSD
The influence of root strawberries, thyme tincture and the main ingredients the constituents of oil Mint-menthol provides the bronhijalnog razređivanje thick secretions, facilitates secretion of mucus in the bronchi, resulting in easier breathing and coughing. It is recommended in the acute and chro..
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Razređuje thick bronchial secretions, facilitates secretion of mucus from the bronchial, facilitates breathing and coughing. In addition, as antiseptic and can ease the inflammation of mucous membranes of the oral cavity and pharynx. It is recommended as an aid to productive cough. Jagorčevine with ..
299.00 RSD
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