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Magnetoplag is a therapeutic tool to remove hemorrhoids. It consists of 2 independent multi-polar magnets, placed in the lining shape of the letters T, made of hard plastic, white colour, with ograničivačem, with a green or orange marker. Inner body is made in such a way as to provide tolerance..
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AMER TEA is a product of public health that has been proven through numerous clinical trials achieved extremely good results in the inflammation of hemorrhoids, prostate and kidneys, viral and bacterial infections (Escherichia coli) uroge-nitalnog tract. Contains plant species Amaranthus blitoides B..
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An extremely effective therapy external hemorrhoids and other developing process on the skin. Contains extract Amer tea which shortens the period of withdrawal of hemorrhoids in only a few days. After the application stops the pain, itching and burning sensation. IT IS RECOMMENDED: -Acute and ch..
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PROPERTIES: AVARICON ® capsules are a dietary product with a combination of natural active substances that alleviating problems that arise as a consequence of the breakdown of the venous circulation in the legs: the swelling and pain, cramps, paresthesia, shooting capillary, and feeling so call..
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95% of all cases of colorectal cancer (colon cancer) are the result of a benign change in the initial stages, called polyps. If polyps are detected in time and removed, the development of colorectal cancer can be stopped. If you have symptoms such as bleeding in the stool, irregular bowel movements,..
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What is cream Hemero Protect? Cream Hemero Protect is cream to ease problems with hemorrhoids. What contains cream Hemero Protect? Cream Hemero Protect contains beta-glucan, D-panthenol, allantoin, paraffin, vaseline, Chamomile The other ingredients are: Agua, Cetyl Stearyl alcohol, Ceteth-20,..
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