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Dr. Plant Aseptan clean Air spray disinfectant and cleaning of all types of air conditioners. The use of spray will remove dust, bacteria and fungi spores, viruses, allergens and neutralize all the unpleasant smell. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Before first use, remove the protective fuse with pump. Th..
427.00 RSD
Disinfectant skin, wounds and items packaged in a bottle with a dropper or spray bottle for easy application. COMPOSITION: Alcohol, water. PACKAGING: 100 ml..
187.20 RSD
Dr. Plant antibacterial spray with triklosanom is designed to be a safe disinfection of hands at every opportunity. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that triklosan is a very powerful tool in the fight against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Glycerol in the weight-it hydrates the skin and prev..
165.00 RSD
Dr. Plant Aseptan the liquid disinfectant, extremely efficient in the fight against all kinds of micro-organisms as a major challenger for the disease. Provides perfect hygiene, and at the same time provides safety when using imaksimalnu. COMPOSITION: Water, benzalkonium chloride, fragrance U..
273.00 RSD
Dr. Plant antibacterial gel to dry washing your hands is an excellent product, necessary to maintain regular hygiene of hands as well as for the prevention of infections that are transmitted this way. Can be used multiple times during the day, pleasant scent, not fat and skin does not dry out. CO..
158.00 RSD
PHYSIODOSE 5 ml Product description: Physiodose is sterile saline for cleaning the nose and eyes.  Action:  Gently cleanses and moisturizes the nasal canals for daily hygiene and in the case of the common cold. Removes excess mucus, dirt and irritating substances from the nasal C..
30.00 RSD
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