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Discount: 20% Special offer lasts while stocks last. Alphalipoin ® forte -powerful antioxidant -Protects cells from harmful free radicals -Without discomfort in my stomach -Supplement Alphalipoin forte is a dietary supplement that contains alpha-lipoinsku acid, a substance with po..
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INNVENTA R-LIPOINN Product description: R-LIPOINN ® is the only product in our country that contains Sodium R lipoat which metabolise the body you are alpha lipoinsku acid – without synthetic with a shape that appears in all products, Alpha lipoinske acid present in our market. R-..
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ALFALIPOINSKA ACID CAPSULES Product description: Alfalipoinska acid is recommended as a supplement with antioxidant effect. Action: Alfalipoinska acid is one of the most anti-oxidants, is unique in that it is soluble in fat and in the water, so it is due to any organs and cells in the body, ..
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CALIVITA MEAL TIME, CHEWABLE TABLETS Product description: Meal That's tasty chewing tablet, which facilitates digestion. The main ingredients of this preparation is papain, a natural compound very similar to enzymes that break down proteins. For the decomposition of protein in our diet, ther..
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IMMUNO G CAPSULES OPSI products: Immuno-G is a natural product that comes out of the 8 selected layers of medical fungi Ganoderma lucidum cultivated in laboratory conditions in the European Union. Way of farming, gathering materials and production guarantees optimum content of active supstansi i..
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