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Accessories for strollers

Brand: GRACO
To help protect your baby against rain and wind, Graco offers a universal custom protection all models Graco stroller...
2,399.00 RSD
Brand: HAUCK
Universal stroller toy bar Can be found at Hauck stroller Run and Turbo..
1,932.00 RSD
Brand: HAUCK
Soft and comfortable seat for babies providing security for children from 9 to 18 kg Made of soft mikrofibera, great for colder days, while the back side of the cotton is ideal for warmer days..
2,999.00 RSD
Brand: HAUCK
Insect screens for strollers and baby carriers reliably protect your little ones In this way, your child can sleep when traveling..
1,090.00 RSD
Brand: HAUCK
Protecting your baby from snow, rain and wind Open the handle locking button allows safe carry Very easy to put on and off Fits most baby carrier for babies..
1,518.00 RSD
Brand: HAUCK
Hook for stroller can be a very easy and simple to use for shopping bags, handbags or other things The hook can be rotated for 360 degrees Maximum weight 4 kg per hook Get the 2 hooks in packaging..
690.00 RSD
Brand: HAUCK
Perfect replacement for damaged or broken handles on wheelchair Two removable handles made of soft neoprene material is very durable and easy to undress with damaged handles Due to a very rastegljivog material this covers fit on almost any handle Secure the Velcro Package: 2 pieces..
828.00 RSD
Brand: HAUCK
Ideal for defective or worn handle Stretch material adapted to each handle Easy to fit with Velcro tape..
999.00 RSD
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