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Pliko P3 Classico umbrella are the poluprozirnim, circular roof with a needle for rain. Characteristics: Intended for children from 0-36 m Backrest Chair has a three-position backrest to legs regulates in three positions (horizontal, poluspušteni and suspended) Semicircular roof is gr..
34,999.00 RSD
Purchase Peg Perego stroller Booklet Classico as a gift you receive an Avent 260ml Avent natural bottle + fraud free flow 0-6 m. Special offer lasts while stocks last. For children aged 0-36 m Dismantling and assembling the frame with the stroke of a Characteristics: Backrest Chair has 3 ..
31,000.00 RSD
Revo Plus car seat with the rotation of 180o for, to help set up a child in the car seat, plus the ability to set up in the opposite direction of the direction of movement of vehicles Provides maximum protection to your car Soft pillows that keep baby and protect her from all angles Excellent lat..
19,200.00 RSD
Beta seat is suitable for children of 9-18 kg. Designed with a soft click-on the head, which makes it comfortable to travel. The backrest is set in more than one position. Material is removed and cleaned. Characteristics: Soft pillow Adjustable backrest Multi belt The material comes off Si..
4,500.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
Functionality of the 4 in 1 steriliser provides the following: 1) a little configuration to sterilize pacifiers now file 2) medium size Configuration for sterilizing gas for izmazanje, plates, cutlery and viljuškica for young children 3) Great configuration for sterilization 6 vial 4) Integra..
13,300.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
Thanks to its versatile size, in the steriliser 3 in 1 you can pick up items that you want to be sterilized, and takes up the least possible space in the kitchen. 3-in-1 functionality provides the following: 1) a little configuration to sterilize pacifiers now file 2) medium size Configuration for s..
10,249.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
Philips AVENT sterilizer for use in a microwave oven is designed to fit into most of the microwave oven. Its small dimensions make it practical for travel, which means you will always have a sterile vial during short trips or longer vacation abroad. The exact duration of the cycle depends on the str..
5,688.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
AVENT NATURAL STARTER SET ALL IN ONE Product description: Avent Natural Starter Set All in One, ideal as a present at birth of a child. Characteristics: For children between the ages of 0 m + Easy maintenance and cleaning BPA Free Set Contains: 1 x Avent sterilizer 3 in 1 1 x cleaning bru..
17,999.00 RSD
DIGITAL MEDICAL THERMOMETER GERATHERM FLEX/FLEX BABY GT-3020 Product description: For aksilarnu, oral and rectal use A beep indicates the end of measurement Is kept in memory the last measurement result Automatically shuts off after 3 minutes extends battery life The duration of the battery is..
628.00 RSD
DIGITAL PACIFIER THERMOMETER GERATHERM DAISY COLOR GT-126 Product description: For oral use Orthopaedic sucker of resistant silicone Complete, accurate and long-lasting Sensitive temperature sensor – quickly obtain results A beep indicates the end of measurement Visual temperature alarm..
999.00 RSD
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