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Vitalis' business strategy is focused on new inventive products and methods, which are backed by many years of medical practice and the knowledge of a group of doctors and pharmacists.
Our existing products are recognizable on the market by quality, inventiveness, natural composition and are protected by the trademarks Vitalis Slim, Venogel, Vitacea Imunostrong, Sports Cream, Power Revitalizing, Urovital, Yin Antistress and Yang Energizing.
Our trademarks are generally known, and the designs of our packaging are not stereotypical to refer to drugs, but are in line with world design trends in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
We are pleased to say that we at Vitalis have managed to build the "VITALIS" brand. The services we provide are unique, leading to healing and alleviating the health problems of our patients. The achieved results are measures of the success of the methods in Vitalis.
Constantly following new achievements in medicine and pharmacy, we strive for our products to be present not only in our country but also in other markets, because they have the required quality that we have managed to achieve in our laboratories.
Patented products, innovations, diagnostic, therapeutic and medical methods are a priority of Vitalis Doctor's Group - which provides a worldwide reputation.
ARTRIFLEX CAPSULESPreparation of healthy bone-joint system.If you suffer from pain and swelling in the joints, play sports or heavy physical work, you have an increased body weight or are prone to uganućima and your sprain we recommend Artriflex. Artriflex is a new natural product companies VIT..
1,253.00 RSD
Natural product for strengthening the resilience of the urinary system. Urovital is a new fully natural product for strengthening the resilience of the urinary system. Thanks to sinergističkom for standardized ektrakta cranberries, buchu and saw palmetto achieves an extremely beneficial effect on ur..
1,253.00 RSD
Vitacea Imunostrong is a natural preparation is extremely effective with influenza, colds and allergies. Contains a combination of the most popular imunostimulatora. Contributing to the prevention of influenza and the common cold. Stops and relieves the symptoms of influenza and the common cold: fev..
1,253.00 RSD
VITALIS SLIMA completely natural and harmless weight loss productVitalis Slim is a completely natural formula of basil, shellfish, pineapple, green tea and wild lemon. Cytosan (from crabs) acts as a sponge for fats, absorbs them and turns them into an indigestible compound and expels them from the ..
1,299.00 RSD
Application: Massage cream with sports injuries. Recommended by rheumatic problems, muscle pain type of bruises, contusions and most common.Vitalis Doctor's group products are made from raw materials of the best quality according to the principles of good manufacturing practice. Produced ac..
1,199.00 RSD
Venogel is a herbal preparation in the form of gel. Contains a combination of natural ingredients that are currently dealt with pain, swelling, cramps, neutralize the feeling of heavy legs and vitalizuju skin. Unique Vitalisova formula neutralizes varicose veins and capillaries burst quickly, easil..
1,255.00 RSD
Yin AntistressGet rid of stress, tension and anger.YIN Antistress is a completely natural, herbal sedative from the VITALIS Doctor’s group of products.YIN Antistress is the only preparation on our market that helps to relieve tension and its consequences, without creating addiction and habit.YIN Ant..
1,299.00 RSD
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