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A product for the prevention of kidney stones and the treatment of symptoms caused by kidney stones. Uromagic, a powder for oral solution is important because:

- the appearance of kidney stones is one of the most common problems of the urinary system, it is estimated in about 15% of the population

- can occur in patients of all ages, including children and the elderly, and is three times more common in men than in women

It would be good to "know your stone" if you are one of those who have it. The most common form of kidney stones is oxalic acid, an oxalate type of stone in over 75% of cases. You will often come across the terms urolithiasis, calculosis, as a synonym for kidney stones.

Factors that increase the risk of kidney stones can be your genetics, diet, frequency of urinary tract infections, metabolic diseases such as increased thyroid activity, uric acid metabolism disorders (eg gout), increased intake of vitamin D, use of drugs that promote excretion. body fluids and drugs that neutralize stomach acid and contain calcium.

One of the treatments for the prevention of kidney stones and the treatment of symptoms caused by kidney stones, which has been used for the longest time, is the treatment with citric acid salts, the treatment with citrates.

The reasons for the use of treatment with citrate products is the largest number of patients who helped prevent the formation of stones or symptoms of kidney stones, the largest number of clinical studies that confirm this effect and most importantly, stems from the recommendations of the European Guide to Urolithiasis. European experts in urology.

Uromagic, powder for oral solution is a preparation based on citrate. The basis of the preparation is citrates, which have helped the largest number of patients, they are officially recommended by European experts for urolithiasis.

Uromagic powder for oral solution contains the optimal amount of magnesium citrate and fulfills all the conditions to act effectively in the prevention of kidney stones and to help treat the symptoms of kidney stones. Magnesium citrate helps to turn insoluble stone ingredients into soluble ones.

Uromagic powder for oral solution contains the optimal amount of vitamin B6, which plays a significant role in oxalate metabolism, reduces oxalate excretion, and thus reaches the urine, which reduces the concentration of oxalate in urine and the possibility of stone formation.

Uromagic powder for oral solution has the property of a slight increase in the basicity of urine (increases the pH of urine) which accelerates the gradual dissolution of stones, the so-called. melting of stone.

When applying Uromagik powder for oral solution, consistency in application is very important, because Uromagik is a product that is effective for melting stone, but this process is not fast and takes time.

Patients who have an acute stone attack suffer great pain, one of the highest intensity on the scale, and want a quick effect. A quick effect is achieved with antispasmodics that do not affect the stone itself, while other products, such as Uromagic powder for oral solution, dissolve the stone, but do not affect the rapid reduction of pain.

In that sense, and as it was said, in order for the product to show its effect, we need time. According to experience, as well as clinical evidence, Uromagic powder for oral solution reduces stone in diameter by up to 1-2 mm per month and is effective for stone with a diameter of up to 8-9 mm.

Uromagic powder for oral solution is recommended even after the treatment of stone breaking with other techniques, as well as with sand in the kidney.

Due to its properties, Uromagik powder for oral solution can be used as a quality and effective source of magnesium and vitamin B6. Due to its ability to increase the pH of the blood, Uromagic powder for oral solution accelerates basal metabolism, which is recommended for children, because it accelerates the reduction of fat deposits and weight loss. Certain diets that are recommended as a prevention of malignant diseases where the emphasis is on reducing blood acidity recognize Uromagic powder for oral solution as an ideal preparation for introducing blood into the ideal pH range recommended for this purpose.

Way of use:

One bag twice a day

Packing: 20 bags

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