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Urimil neuro forte is formulated for the care of patients with neuropathic pain and helps in the normal functioning of the peripheral nervous system. Urimil neuro forte is the newest and most powerful representative of the Urimil brand - expert nutritional solutions, which are recommended by specialists for chronic pain.Operation: in back and lower back pain in tingling and stinging for peripheral nerves and muscles Each Urimil Neuro Forte capsule contains an optimal combination of 9 active ingredients, which are used together and individually to treat painful conditions. Now with the addition of cytidine monophosphate, vitamin D and magnesium, which contributes to maintaining normal muscle function.Features: The most powerful product from the Urimil brand for restoring peripheral nerves and relieving pain More uridine monophosphate + add: cytidine monophosphate, magnesium and vitamin D. 9 active ingredients, which act synergistically, mutually reinforcing their effect Scientifically proven effectiveness of each ingredient 1 capsule daily Pain is an inevitable but unpleasant part of our biology. The most common causes of pain are diseases that affect the nervous system: Sciatica Lumbago Discopathy Cervical radiculitis Diabetic neuropathy Intercostal neuralgia Plexitis Pain associated with these conditions can be characterized as neuropathic. It sometimes occurs in the form of a sudden stabbing, burning pain, often in the middle of the night. Sometimes, it can be accompanied by chronic tingling, tingling or tingling, which simply does not go away. Nerve damage can damage our pain alarm system. This can lead to a loss of sensation in parts of the body - a lack of pain signals, when needed. And something even more disturbing - hypersensitivity. Damaged nerves can activate a "false alarm" and cause a feeling of real pain, which is not reciprocal to the injury or for which there is no external cause.In many cases of neuropathic pain, completely normal postures and body movements (such as standing or walking) become painful. Some patients may begin to feel pain even from the gentle touch of their own clothes or bedding, the touch of which until recently provided them with comfort and warmth during sleep. This condition is known in the medical literature as "allodynia". Left to their own devices, nerve damage can worsen over time and bring us into a constant state of pain.There are ways to control neuropathic pain and even treat it. This is because nerves are metabolically active tissue with their own vascular system (vasa nervorum), which supplies them with nutrients that are crucial for their health.Such substances are: Cytidine monophosphate Uridine monophosphate Folic acid Vitamin D Vitamin B12 Vitamin B1 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B3 Mg B vitamins Lack of B vitamins leads to neuropathy, degeneration, damage to the senses, and difficult recovery of nerve pathways. According to statistics, about 32% of people with vitamin B deficiency develop generalized damage to peripheral nerves. Conversely, their intake can help control pain, regenerate the nervous system, normalize reflexes and sensitivity. It is no coincidence that these vitamins are called "neurotropic".Uridine monophosphate It participates in the formation of RNA and numerous neural structures such as dendrites (short extensions) and myelin sheath (neuronal isolation). Intake of uridine monophosphate accelerates the "repair" of damaged nerves and can suppress the pain signal.In one study of 212 patients with peripheral neuropathy, the combination of uridine, folic acid, and vitamin B12 significantly reduced pain intensity and pain. Another study, conducted with 48 people with carpal tunnel syndrome, confirmed the effectiveness of this combination, recording 40% less pain as a result of two months of intake.The combination of vitamin B12, uridine and cytidine effectively reduces neuropathic pain, and in 400 patients with compressive neuralgia (pain from a pinched nerve) - significantly more than the independent intake of vitamin B12. It has also been proven that uridine significantly improves the condition of patients with diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage due to high blood sugar levels).Magnesium Magnesium regulates various processes in the human body, one of which is neuromuscular conduction. Studies show that the average intake of magnesium in the diet is relatively low and reaches only 30 to 50% of the recommended daily intake, which is 420 mg for men and 320 mg per day for women. A clinical study conducted among patients with chronic low back pain showed a significant reduction in pain and improved mobility in patients taking magnesium.Vitamin D Vitamin D is a hormone-like vitamin, whose low levels are often associated with chronic pain (Shipton, EE, & Shipton, EA, 2015) and higher intake of pain medications in patients with pain (Bergman, P., et al., 2015). .In contrast, studies have found that additional vitamin D intake contributes to the reduction of chronic pain in patients with cancer (Björkhem-Bergman, L., & Bergman, P., 2016), musculoskeletal disorders (Gendelman, O., et al.

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