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Weight Loss Categories at contains dietary supplements that will help you combat excess weight and help you maintain your line.

Weight loss categories on pharmacies online is the right place for you if you want to lose weight fast and healthy.

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Discount: 6%Special offer lasts while stocks last.ANTI POUNDS 6 in 1 is a refreshing beverage from the powerful chokeberry with addition of 10 vitamins and L-carnitine that antioxidant purifies the organism from toxic substances, supplemented by the lack of vitamins in your diet, burn fat, r..
1,659.00 RSD
Touch Premium anticellulite oil hotProduct description:Anticellulite massage HOT oil contributes to the breakdown and elimination of cellulite in subcutaneous tissues, mitigates the effect "pomorandžine crust" and the skin becomes more beautiful to the touch. Leads to a pleasant wa..
623.00 RSD
Tea cellulite is a mix of herbs that their influence affects the breakdown of fats, improving mikorocirkulacije, odstranjvanje waste products of metabolism, prevention of toxic effects of free radicals and maintain degeneration of connective tissue.Krušina, cornsilk and cold stimulates me..
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The dream of every woman's skin without cellulite, and the innovative bandage against cellulite, that iron plain wrinkles while you sleep or perform daily tasks is the realization of that dream. Anti-cellulite patch is a very effective product in the fight against cellulite. It contains a very p..
999.00 RSD
Tea cellulite is a mixture of medicinal herbs, which their synergetic effects affecting the breakdown of fats, improves microcirculation, removes products of metabolism and maintains the elasticitet connective tissue.Packaging: 100 g..
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Touch Premium anti-stress massage oilProduct description:Anti-stress massage oil with fragrance of grapes has soothing properties, affect better relaxation and mental balance. Reduces nerve tension, improves mood and relieves the stress that the result of the accelerated pace of life and eve..
1,080.00 RSD
ACTION: The product contains components that are physiologically active principles traditionally used as dietary supplements. Apple Cider helps burn fats, eliminates toxins, stimulates digestion, lowers cholesterol and cleans the blood vessels. Green tea is rich in polifenolima that reduce the leve..
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The capsules contain dry extract vinegar, vitamin B6 and Apple pectin. Special technology retained all the most valuable ingredients vinegar the body from fats, toxins and harmful substances.COMPOSITION: Dry extract of Apple vinegar, vitamin B6, Apple pectinUsage: 2 x 1 capsule daily after..
529.00 RSD
Many people too much body weight represents mental and physical problem. Use vinegar is ideal, as it helps in easier for fat in the stomach and intestines and reduces the desire for sweets and fattening food. Due to its soothing effect on the whole organism to facilitate its taking, Natural Wealth &..
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APPLE CIDER PLUS C Product description:Apple Cider + C will help you to restore your energy if you are anaemic because making up for iron, that better exploits in the presence of vitamin C, and lowering and blood pressure. Also includes natural colours (flavonoids) that are antioxidants and red..
332.00 RSD
APURETIN SLIM - 20161284 - Products that accelerate the fat metabolism..
979.00 RSD
ARONIA JUICE 100% naturalProduct description: Aronia contains the most anti-oxidants among 277 species of food used by man, including and other berries, berries, citruses, vegetables, grains and spices. Mature fruits of chokeberry contain a large amount of biofenola, flavonoids, antocijanina, ..
1,311.00 RSD
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