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ALANERV CAPSULES Product description:ALAnerv is an add-on ishran containing Alpha-lipoinsku acid, boražine oil, vitamins of B group, vitamin E and selenium. Vitamins B1, B2, B6 contributes to the normal function of the nervous system. Vitamin E and selenium can help protect cells from oxidativ..
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Phytotherapy or herbal ANTI POUNDS uses for weight loss, Detox, or detoxification of cholesterol, fat, toxins and waste. Naturally improves working organs for digestion, promotes digestion, mapping out the excess fluids from the body and burn cellulite.ANTI POUND great stabilizing a hormone imba..
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Discount: 6%Special offer lasts while stocks last.ANTI POUNDS 6 in 1 is a refreshing beverage from the powerful chokeberry with addition of 10 vitamins and L-carnitine that antioxidant purifies the organism from toxic substances, supplemented by the lack of vitamins in your diet, burn fat, r..
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Touch Premium anticellulite oil hotProduct description:Anticellulite massage HOT oil contributes to the breakdown and elimination of cellulite in subcutaneous tissues, mitigates the effect "pomorandžine crust" and the skin becomes more beautiful to the touch. Leads to a pleasant wa..
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Tea cellulite is a mix of herbs that their influence affects the breakdown of fats, improving mikorocirkulacije, odstranjvanje waste products of metabolism, prevention of toxic effects of free radicals and maintain degeneration of connective tissue.Krušina, cornsilk and cold stimulates me..
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The dream of every woman's skin without cellulite, and the innovative bandage against cellulite, that iron plain wrinkles while you sleep or perform daily tasks is the realization of that dream. Anti-cellulite patch is a very effective product in the fight against cellulite. It contains a very p..
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Tea cellulite is a mixture of medicinal herbs, which their synergetic effects affecting the breakdown of fats, improves microcirculation, removes products of metabolism and maintains the elasticitet connective tissue.Packaging: 100 g..
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Touch Premium anti-stress massage oilProduct description:Anti-stress massage oil with fragrance of grapes has soothing properties, affect better relaxation and mental balance. Reduces nerve tension, improves mood and relieves the stress that the result of the accelerated pace of life and eve..
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ARONIA JUICE 100% naturalProduct description: Aronia contains the most anti-oxidants among 277 species of food used by man, including and other berries, berries, citruses, vegetables, grains and spices. Mature fruits of chokeberry contain a large amount of biofenola, flavonoids, antocijanina, ..
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Day and Night Obscure Total effects 24 hProduct description:Day and Night Obscure Total effects 24 hours is an innovative formula for healthy weight loss, consisting of two natural products, making it twice as efficient. Day time fat burner capsules, the formulaic based on extracts of algae ..
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Cake tea contains a mix of plant species by their common influence lead to improvements of physiological functions in the body. Regular use of Cake tea comes to Visual reduction of fat in the subcutaneous tissue, and skin from the outside is becoming fresher and more toned.Composition:Birch,..
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Brand: ESI
FIELD OF APPLICATION: The use of supplements is recommended in case of existence of fat, cellulite, fluid retention in the body and varicose veins. The product facilitates microcirculation.ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: -Dry extract Centele with 2% aziatikozida-100 mg -S.E. Pineapple, 250 GD/Mr-50 mg -..
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