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The ovaries

The ovaries
FLORAVITEX DROPS Product description: Organic herbal drops Floravitex represent 100% natural, organic product based on an extract of the fruit (Vitex agnus castus), with organic fruit by distill.Clinical trials, it has been proven that the herbal ingredients of the fruit konopljike in Floravit..
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Herbal drops Heart Dream and completely natural product composed of herbs, with love from no added artificial materials, colors and hormones. Heart and dream drops date are women from puberty to menopause. Medicinal plants protective guard the most intimate parts of a woman used to neredovnog and pa..
499.00 RSD
OREGANO TEA This Alpine plant oil contains Thymol and carvacrol, entitled, which are extremely effective against bacteria. Regular consumption of tea of oregano prevents all types of bacterial infection because it inhibits the growth of bacteria.   It is recommended: -protect agai..
448.00 RSD
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