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Coenzyme Q10 ACTIVE CAPSULES Product description:Coenzyme Q10 (ubihinon) is essential in the energy metabolism of man. He supplies all our cells with energy, and is significant for the proper functioning of the heart. With age, the body produces less and less Coenzyme q10 and because it is nece..
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Brand: ESI
Minerals are the elements necessary for the normal functioning of our body. Intensive using of arable land, the country is becoming poorer in minerals, so that diet based on fruit and vegetables cannot be enough to enter the needed quantity of the minerals necessary for life. That's why it's..
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Ingredients: 1000 mg phomopsis seed yellow evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) with min 9% gamma-linoleinske acid a reckoning on the total fatty acid content.CHARACTERISTICS and EFFECT of: oil from the primrose contains 72% linoleinske and 9% gamma-linoleinske acid and thus constitutes one of t..
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Evening primrose oil is a source of the essential fatty acid GLA and LA that have an anti-inflammatory effect. Evening primrose oil helps with tension and pain in the chest that are the result of premenstrual syndrome.Evening primrose oil forte 1300mg recommends: -With premenstrualnog syndrome ..
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FEMISAN B Herbal dropsComposition: herba Visci, Valerianae radix et rhizoma, Melissae folium, Millefolii herba, Calendulae flos.Application: Problems caused by menopause.Effect: the climax or menopause, normal physiological phenomenon in the life of each woman, carries with it a series ..
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THE BASIC PURPOSE, ACTION: -Relieves symptoms that accompany menopause -Prevention of osteoporosis -Choice of women which is contraindicated supstituciona hormone therapyCOMPOSITION:Oyster 100 mg. Soy 80 mg. Borago oil 70 mg. Bamboo fiber 45 mg. Vitamin E 36 mg. Vitamin C 35 mg..
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FLORAVITEX DROPS Product description: Organic herbal drops Floravitex represent 100% natural, organic product based on an extract of the fruit (Vitex agnus castus), with organic fruit by distill.Clinical trials, it has been proven that the herbal ingredients of the fruit konopljike in Floravit..
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GENESTIN cream, 30 ml Natural cream nourishes, calms and hydrates intimate region.Genestin cream because of its natural, unique, complex composition effectively eliminates symptoms (redness, itching, suvoća) intimate regions of women in the period before and during menopause.GENESTIN crea..
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Natural help for relief of the symptoms of menopausal women.Genestin forte tablets are a natural, unique, complex compositions.Contain of purified and standardized plant extracts proven origin and silicon for the relief of menopausal symptoms: -Flushes, -Night sweats, -Dizziness, -Headac..
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