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Prevention of inflammation

Prevention of inflammation
The formulation of capsules that contain dried Cranberry extract, preserved the stability and effectiveness of cranberries, and avoided the tangy flavor of this fruit that comes from the large amounts of vitamin C present in it.COMPOSITION: Dried Cranberry extract standardized on 35% organic ac..
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Avebrusnica is a product which is a natural antibiotic, because it prevents the appliance bacteria to the walls of mucous membranes in the body. It is used for urinary tract infections, and it has been confirmed and its effect against of Escherichia coli and other pathogenic bacteria that can cau..
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ANDROSITOL PLUS - 2016 - Nocturnal urination..
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Great food, alkalizuje the body, improves the blood, destroys bacteria and malignant cells.According to research done in a sample of 150 species of plants from all over the world barley grass has proved to be the RICHEST FOOD SOURCE with a near-ideal balance of nutrients in a single source. It ..
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BILJNA MEŠAVINA 4 - 860617651101 - Rock and sand..
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BILJNA MEŠAVINA 9 - 860617651156 - Inflammation..
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Cranberry forte is a powerful formula that contains natural Cranberry concentrate fruit and vitamin C and thus provides effective help with inflammation of the urinary system.Cranberry forte is recommended: -For prevention of urinary infection -As additional help with inflammation of the urina..
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CALIVITA ORIGANO ULJE - CV0146 - Remedies for coughing..
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Dental research has shown that a set of compounds present in the fruit of cranberries prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity and thus prevents the formation of dental plaque and periodontal disease. Cranberry oriblettes do not contain sugar.COMPOSITION: Dried Cranberry extract..
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Colloidal silver water MAXLAB is produced nehemijskim, elektrodisperznim procedure using ultračistog silver in water ultračistoj redestilovanoj. Chemically it is pure redestilovana water containing silver submikroskopske clusters (Clusters are the fizičkohemijski phenomenon and are nano particles ma..
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