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Immunity -defense mechanism

Category immunity on the site represents all products intended to defend your body against viruses, infections, bacteria, parasites and other pathogens.

Immunity is the ability of the human body to defend itself by its mechanisms against viruses, infections, bacteria, parasites and other pathogens. The immune system is the basis of the defense of the human body against the attack of foreign microorganisms, based on the production of antibodies.
EFFECT: Vitamin E is the most important ingredient of antioksidantnog systems of the human body. As vitamin readily soluble in the fat builds up in the cell opnama, lipoprotein particles in the bloodstream and in adipose tissue. Extremely fast binds to free radicals, participate in their extinguish..
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Ecomer is a product which is used to boost immunity and general condition of the organism.ECOMER WORKS ON: -the establishment of immune-system balance -protects against infections, colds and flu -great with allergies -Regulates the level of white and red blood -Speeds up the healing of woun..
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The black berries are a good source of vitamin C and routine. Vitamin C is best known for his role in maintaining the immune system. This black currant juice contains more vitamin C than the appropriate amount of oranges. The juice is made from the fruits of black currants from farming which for aro..
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Brand: RAZNO
Special offer lasts while stocks last.Ekolostrum for resistance, digestion, balance, regeneration, strength and vitalityKnockout enemies of health!Application: -Weakened body resistance -Bad, messy digestion and indigestion -Annoying allergies -Excessive body weight -Slow regenerati..
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ProbioKid immuno ® is a dietary product that contains carefully balanced mix of three strains of probiotics and prebiotic sinbiotičkim one with powerful effect. Helps establish and maintain the natural balance of intestinal microflora and contributes to strengthening the defensive capabilities o..
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EFFECT: Natural dietary product OLIGOGAL To contain organically bound selenium on the basis of a rich Brewer's yeast in combination with vitamins: A, C and E, Selenium is an essential oligoelement, necessary for normal functioning of the organism. Because of frequent deficitarnosti on the food ..
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Brand: RAZNO
For stronger immunity.ZINKOSEL is a dietary product that is recommended in all the stressful situations that weaken the natural resistance of the organism.  Boosts the immune system: -slows down the aging process -Effective in the fight against stress -Reduces the risk of the emergen..
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