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Strengthening the heart, angina pectoris, heart attack

Strengthening the heart, angina pectoris, heart attack
C2523 salmon oil, a rich source of omega 3 acids and vitamin d. Oil flax seed contains omega-3 acids and smanjuie activity of free radicals that damage cells. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. Omega-3 acids are essential fatty acids that the body is unable to sintetiše, but must be entered..
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Discount: 20%Special offer lasts while stocks last.Alphalipoin ® forte-powerful antioxidant -Protects cells from harmful free radicals -Without discomfort in my stomach -SupplementAlphalipoin forte is a dietary supplement that contains alpha-lipoinsku acid, a substance with po..
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INNVENTA R-LIPOINNProduct description:R-LIPOINN ® is the only product in our country that contains Sodium R lipoat which metabolise the body you are alpha lipoinsku acid – without synthetic with a shape that appears in all products, Alpha lipoinske acid present in our market.R-..
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ALFALIPOINSKA ACID CAPSULES Product description:Alfalipoinska acid is recommended as a supplement with antioxidant effect.Action: Alfalipoinska acid is one of the most anti-oxidants, is unique in that it is soluble in fat and in the water, so it is due to any organs and cells in the body, ..
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CARDIO TIN BILJNE KAPI - 860617651651 - Veins, circulation..
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CIRKULO TIN BILJNE KAPI - 860617651675 - Veins, circulation..
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Brand: STADA
Magnesium is one of the most important minerals required for the proper functioning of the organism.Thanks to him runs 300 metabolic processes in the body: If you have long stressed or tense magnesium has beneficial effects on the nervous system Enter additional magnesium can help the general ..
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Planetary Herbals, AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) 500 mgAHCC Is A REGISTERED TRADEMARK AMINO UP CHEMICAL Co., SAPPORO, JAPANProduct description:·         Significantly improves the immune response·   ..
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Ajkulovit – top quality product with multiple effects and trustworthy guardian of health. It is a known fact that the sharks have the strongest immunity, never fell ill from cancer and living with unchanged appearance from prehistory to today because they have no degeneration and disease which..
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Brand: LYSI
Ajkus's prevention and assistance in the treatment of colds, flu, asthma, bronchitis, allergies, stress, depression, high blood pressure, coronary and cardiovascular diseases, regulates the number of lymphocytes, during chemotherapy in postoperative period, protects cells from degenerative chang..
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Ingredients: 200 mg alfalipoinske acid.CHARACTERISTICS and EFFECT: Alfalipoinska acid is one of the best and most commonly used anti-oxidants, is unique in that it is soluble in fats and the water well is due to every organ and cell in the body, is undergoing brain barrier and acts on the brain ..
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Effect of Coenzyme Q10 is esencijаlni vitаmin, neophodаn prаvilno svаke for funkcionisаnje live cells. Increased energy in stvаrаnju in all ćelijаmа orgаnizmа (mitochondria), especially in srčаnoj and skeletnoj muskulаturi.Coenzyme Q10 is snаžаn аntioksidаns, which privlаči free rаdikаle and pro..
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