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Preparations for treatment of lice

Preparations for treatment of lice
Ekoped and shampoo effectively combats, body and pubic lice. Ekoped and shampoo at correct use does not irritate the skin, sluzokožu and eyes, is not harmful to humans and warm-blooded živpotinje.Quality control is done by the Institute for the protection of health of Serbia, Dr. Milan Jovanović..
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Hedrin lice Remover is something completely different from what you know so far. Effect on physiological basis: suffocating parasite and therefore there is no need for using poison-based chemicals that can cause irritation to the scalp. In other words, the relentless is to give lice a home and gentl..
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Lotion and shampoo with a comb for odstranjvanje nit.The advantages of product:Just 10 minutes of time Seems mechanical (your choke) Extract from neem oil inhibits the exchange of goods with the aphids and nit Without silicone Without pesticides Can be used during pregnancy and breastfe..
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Brand: RAZNO
Repellant spray for prevention of appearance of lice.Clinically proven, long-lasting, efficient protection of lice for the whole family.Used preventively once a day.PACKAGING: 100 ml..
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Brand: RAZNO
Paranit shampoo formula contains no insecticides which clinically proven to kill 100% with lice, and doesn't cause resistance. Working for 10 minutes and at the same time and wash his hair. In the package is supplied and dense comb for easy removal of lice and nit.Packaging: 200 ml..
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Brand: RAZNO
Paranit spray has a new formula with double the influence that izazaziva drainage and choking with lice and nit, and therefore is 100% efficient. Work for 15 minutes. Does not contain insecticides, so bugs cannot develop resistance.With the spray is attached and toothcomb.Clinically tested...
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PARASIDOSE LOSION - 2016 - Preparations for treatment of lice..
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Brand: RAZNO
Anti-parasite shampoo. Only for external use.QUIT anti-parasite shampoo is designed for destroying your head in adults and in children. Permethrin is a synthetic broad spectrum piretrioid insekticidnog effects that successfully destroys your head. Permethrin chemical toxicity is low, poorly abs..
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Brand: RAZNO
SUMIFEN SHAMPOO AGAINST LICE WITH FENOTRINOMInfection to yours head (pediculosis captitis) appears occasionally, mostly seasonal in children in kindergartens and schools. The first sign is often a strong vašljivosti itching scalp and skin irritation. Your head lice (pediculus capitis) is ..
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Brand: RAZNO
A tool for combating vašljivosti head and quick and effective destruction of flying and crawling insects.APPLICATION: As a means to combat vašljivosti, SUPITOX ® is applied, spray on hair to complete the humidity. After spraying hair scarf should be associated. After 30 minut..
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