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Products for kids

Products for kids
Babyfen is composed of oil and wheat germ oil, cumin, intended for babies and children under the age of 12 years. Beneficial to problems in digestion, with slow and difficult digestion, bloating and cramps. Babyfen is a 100% natural product which relieves cramps, bloating feeling and provides peace ..
870.00 RSD
MIKROLAX Laxative gel 3 mikroklizme (5 ml) 3 mikroklizme (5 g) for childrenComposition: -A mikroklizma of 5 ml contains: Glycerolum 4, 6 g "conservans Hidrosolubilna 0.006 g base to 5 ml -One mikroklizma g each contain: Glycerolum 2.76 g conservans g Hidrosolubilna "0.0036 surfaces..
633.00 RSD
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