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Herbal preparations

Herbal preparations
Planetary Herbals, AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) 500 mgAHCC Is A REGISTERED TRADEMARK AMINO UP CHEMICAL Co., SAPPORO, JAPANProduct description:·         Significantly improves the immune response·   ..
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Brand: ESI
FIELD OF APPLICATION: Aloe Vera is widely used because of its natural properties, which are extensively documented in numerous studies, which confirmed its characteristics as an add-in in cases of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract (colon irritation), works purification process of the body,..
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Herbal blend of tea is carefully selected for antidijabetsko effect, where it shows the following properties:    stimulates the secretion of enzymes for digestion     regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats     slows down..
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Mother juice Aronia melanocarpa fruit types of enriched diet fiber LuraLean – dietary product is recommended at: obesity, vitamin insufficiency and cardiovascular disease which is manifested by increased arterial pressure and increased the values of the sugar and fat in the blood. Recent resea..
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Aronia strong protect the supplement on the basis of the dry extract of the fruit of aronia. Chokeberry extract capsules containing dried fruit, Aronia and Melanokarpe are used as a supplement to a healthy diet and as a preventative. Aronia products are for the entire population. Preference is given..
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BILJNA MEŠAVINA 3 - 860617651095 - Herbal preparations..
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CINNAMON + APPLE CIDER PILLSProduct description: The product contains components that are physiologically active principles traditionally used as dietary supplements.Cinnamon helps improve insulin iskorišćenju. It has been established that improves glucose metabolism and is often use..
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DONNA NATURA DIFOTEN creamProduct description:Due to changes that occur in blood vessels and nerves for the duration of diabetes, eventually coming to a change in the quality of the leather foot. The skin becomes dry, sensitive, irritated, prone to cracking, hurting and infections. On such..
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ESSENTIAL OIL OF CLOVE (Caryophylli aetheroleum)   Essential oil of clove is a colourless liquid, with characteristic odour and taste naljutog, obtained by steam distillation of the fresh or dried shoots clove.   Acts as a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviralno and protivglji..
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ESSENTIAL OIL OF FENNEL(Aetheroleum Foeniculi)  Essential oil of fennel is colorless or yellowish liquid, mild fragrance prijatnogi dobjena pooću water, distillation before from ripe, crushed fruits of fennel.   Works by purifying the body, soothes stomach cramps, improves blood c..
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