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Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals
IMUNOSAL SENIOR KAPSULE - 2016 - Vitamins and minerals..
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IMUNOSAL TEČNI DODATAK ISHRANI - 2016 - Vitamins and minerals..
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Vitamin D oral drops, Supplement.Ingredient1 drop100 ml% PDU *Vitamin D (Holekalciferol)2.5 µ g7500 µ g50* PDU-recommended daily allowance Other ingredients: a laundry water, propylene glycol, sucrose, polioksil 40 hidrogenovano castor oil, sunflower ..
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The most important mineral, in combination with vitamin D to achieve maximum absorption. Calcium is needed to build healthy bones and teeth, for growth and muscle contraction, transmission of nerve impulses, heart rhythm, and vitamin D for proper growth and development of bones, and for ensuring max..
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For proper growth and development of children, it is extremely important to satisfy their needs for all nutrients by proper diet. Vitamins and minerals are needed for stronger immunity, better appetite and overall health of the organism that grows and develops. ABC PlusTM Junior are children's m..
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Dietary supplement – supplement – drops for babies and children up to 4 years of age with vitamins. Special framing so that provide a wide spectrum of vitamins to help preserve a balance diet of infants. Pleasant taste, ideal addition to juices, milk or water. It is designed keeping in m..
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BIMUNAL SYRUPProduct description:Bimunal syrup for children is designed to strengthen the immune system, alleviating the symptoms of colds and flu. Shortens the duration of viral and bacterial ihfekcija. Used preventively, in order to prevent the negative effects of harmful agents and stre..
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Supplement with calcium and magnesium.Biofar Calcium and Magnesium is vitamin-mineral supplement that contains 500 mg of calcium from organic forms, citratnog high iskoristljivosti in my system and 250 mg magnesium, with the addition of copper, manganese and zinc. It is recommended to women in m..
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Vitamin-mineral supplement for healthy bones.Biofar Calcium and Vitamin D3 is a vitamin-mineral supplement that contains a combination of calcium and vitamin D, rich in vitamin c. This combination of vitamins and minerals is suitable for skeletal system (MIS & training). The product stre..
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Introducing triactiv Essential line Biofar vitamin produced introducing TriActiv technology that provides a high degree of bioavailability and better utilization of vitamins and minerals in the body. Rich formulas also contain natural plant extracts and coenzymes that further enhances the effects of..
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