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Devil's claw or harpagofit is a herb that comes from a family of sesame seeds and comes from South Africa. Its name was given by the bud that resembles the claw and that are most used in treatment.Today, the Devil's claw is used a lot in Europe for the treatment of arthritis and rheumati..
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pH Bazo Balans 2+1 Gratis - 20161140 2+1g - Inflammation..
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pH Base Balance - Powder for oral solution, 200 gfor strong immunity and optimum pH of the organismpH BazoBalans powder contributes to the preservation and protection of the body's immunity.Maintains slightly optimal pH - slightly alkaline pH of blood, cell fluids and urine.It helps to maintain the ..
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DR WERNER OVORON - dr.w1 - Rheumatism and convulsions..
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Rumalaya is polikomponentni Ayurvedic product created by a careful combination of plants and minerals, without side effects, prepared by India's traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It is used as an alternative or as a ađuvantni product with hinged and parazglobnih diseases. It is used in chronic the..
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