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EFFECT: Vitamin E is the most important ingredient of antioksidantnog systems of the human body. As vitamin readily soluble in the fat builds up in the cell opnama, lipoprotein particles in the bloodstream and in adipose tissue. Extremely fast binds to free radicals, participate in their extinguish..
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The formulation of capsules that contain dried Cranberry extract, preserved the stability and effectiveness of cranberries, and avoided the tangy flavor of this fruit that comes from the large amounts of vitamin C present in it.COMPOSITION: Dried Cranberry extract standardized on 35% organic ac..
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The black berries are a good source of vitamin C and routine. Vitamin C is best known for his role in maintaining the immune system. This black currant juice contains more vitamin C than the appropriate amount of oranges. The juice is made from the fruits of black currants from farming which for aro..
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Brand: RAZNO
Special offer lasts while stocks last.Ekolostrum for resistance, digestion, balance, regeneration, strength and vitalityKnockout enemies of health!Application: -Weakened body resistance -Bad, messy digestion and indigestion -Annoying allergies -Excessive body weight -Slow regenerati..
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Discount: 20%Special offer lasts while stocks last.Alphalipoin ® forte-powerful antioxidant -Protects cells from harmful free radicals -Without discomfort in my stomach -SupplementAlphalipoin forte is a dietary supplement that contains alpha-lipoinsku acid, a substance with po..
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INNVENTA R-LIPOINNProduct description:R-LIPOINN ® is the only product in our country that contains Sodium R lipoat which metabolise the body you are alpha lipoinsku acid – without synthetic with a shape that appears in all products, Alpha lipoinske acid present in our market.R-..
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EFFECT: Natural dietary product OLIGOGAL To contain organically bound selenium on the basis of a rich Brewer's yeast in combination with vitamins: A, C and E, Selenium is an essential oligoelement, necessary for normal functioning of the organism. Because of frequent deficitarnosti on the food ..
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ALFALIPOINSKA ACID CAPSULES Product description:Alfalipoinska acid is recommended as a supplement with antioxidant effect.Action: Alfalipoinska acid is one of the most anti-oxidants, is unique in that it is soluble in fat and in the water, so it is due to any organs and cells in the body, ..
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