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Herbal preparations

Herbal preparations
NoStressPMS eye drops contain the fruit of konopljike that have a positive effect on women's hormonal balance and maintain a normal menstrual cycle ...NoStressPMS eye drops contain giving an extract of the fruit konopljike (Agni casti fructus). Konopljika effect on progesterone levels and..
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REFEMIN CAPSULES Product description:Very nasty mitigates menopause discomforts like hot flushes frequently accompanied by increased sweating, pounding heart, irritability, insomnia and depression are the consequence of failure of ovarian function.Action: Cimicifuga racemosa extract the sh..
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ANAFARM AD3 VIT KAPSULE - 20160588 - Herbal preparations..
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ARONIA JUICE 100% naturalProduct description: Aronia contains the most anti-oxidants among 277 species of food used by man, including and other berries, berries, citruses, vegetables, grains and spices. Mature fruits of chokeberry contain a large amount of biofenola, flavonoids, antocijanina, ..
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Aronia juice 100% natural with no additional sugar, flavors, colors and preservatives.Crnoplodn aornija (Aronia melanocarpa) it is extremely healing and beneficial plant and represents a rich source: anti-oxidants, flavonoids, vitamins (a, b, c, e, k, p, pp, folic acid) and minerals (Fe, K, Ca, ..
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Brand: RAZNO
Juice aronia is herbal and refreshing beverage that is recommended to older and younger people. No unwanted side effects, beneficial effect on the immune system, the resistance and improves blood counts.The juice is pasteurized and treasure, no added water, sugar, colour, preservatives and aroma..
3,440.00 RSD
Mother juice Aronia melanocarpa fruit types of enriched diet fiber LuraLean – dietary product is recommended at: obesity, vitamin insufficiency and cardiovascular disease which is manifested by increased arterial pressure and increased the values of the sugar and fat in the blood. Recent resea..
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Aronia strong protect the supplement on the basis of the dry extract of the fruit of aronia. Chokeberry extract capsules containing dried fruit, Aronia and Melanokarpe are used as a supplement to a healthy diet and as a preventative. Aronia products are for the entire population. Preference is given..
1,399.00 RSD
100% bio mother juice Siberian Chokeberry. Without any additives and preservatives, the juice is on the original an airtight vacuum balloon, neutral flavour which is approved by the German Commission for the control of bio products. The juice is totally protected from negative influences of light an..
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B12 NEURO MAX Product description:Synergistic action of B12, folic acid (Vitamin B9) and biotin (Vitamin B7) improves mild memory loss associated with aging, it also favorably affect the improvement of peripheral blood circulation. Prevention of stroke, depression, loss of memory and concentra..
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