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HEALTHY FOOD "SRCULENCE-LUX" was founded in 2009 as the first and only wholesale of healthy food in Leskovac. From the bottom of our hearts, as its name suggests, we founded it in order to expand the consumption of healthy food in our city and its surroundings.
We are a young team of people, full of energy and desire to prove and cooperate with you, so if you have not been with us and you have a health food store, bakery, confectioner, we invite you to come from the heart and see the quality of business and services we offer .
This site is also intended for everyone who wants to learn more about a healthier diet.
Healthy food Srculence-luxWe will provide you with recipes and tips on how to solve health problems with nature and a healthy diet.
Srculence-lux was created thanks to many people who want to eat healthily and have placed their trust in us, so even you who will do it will help us last longer and expand more.
We do not brag but we allow you to praise, criticize and advise us.
The main causes that cause poor circulation are legacy, improper nutrition, obesity, bad habits such as smoking, lack of physical skills inepridrzavanje tips during treatment of chronic diseases such as Diabetes. Circulation is treated with regular healthy diet, medications with doctor's advice,..
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The root of the Valerian contains active substances. vaiepotrijate acting sedative on the Central and vegetative nervous system. It also contains small amounts of alkaloids. Acid acid works spazmoiitički and relaksirajuče on the smooth musculature and can be used with intestinal and bile colic, dysm..
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In St John's Wort flowers are of painted materials up to 0.4% hipericina, flavonoids, up to 0.3% of the constituents of oil from terpenima, and up to 10% tannins. John's-Wort has antisepticno, antiupalno, sedative, analgetičko, epitelizirajuće. St John's wort oil beneficially to lighter ..
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Calendula is Antiinflammatory, epitelizant, spamolitik and antimikrob. It is normally used on the outside for the healing of wounds and quick epitelization damaged tissue. Helps with purulent inflammation of the skin, after biting a WaSP and bee and in the period of regenracije tissue after burn. Ca..
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Artichoke contains bitter and other ingredients that return appetite and helps digestion. Its active principles favorably affect the liver exhilarating secretion of bile and thus better digestion of fats. Reduce increased trigliciride and cholesterol in the blood. Artichoke is a mild diuretic and th..
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Features and activities: Propolis is a very significant bee product as a natural antibiotic. The main ingredients are resin and herbal wax that bees are refined through its glands. Propolis contains active substances such as antocijani, fitohormoni, essential oil, bee pollen, vitamins, Bioflavonoids..
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The active principles of the isolated from the root or herb fresh plants of echinacea, operating as imunostimulant, lead to an increase in the production of interferon, alleviating symptoms of existing inflammation, accelerating the Recovery Act and the antagonists were. Also, bakteriostatički seem ..
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Characteristics and effect of immunity is odrabmena the ability of the organism to fight from invading viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins, as well as our own izmnenjenih and worn cells, immunity, weak from malnutrition, stress, irregular physical activity. Sweetheart cap for strengthening i..
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Drops for weight loss, sweetheart are refreshing and delicious drink that combines the ancient knowledge of the positive properties of plants with modern technological solutions. The current causes of obesity are often irregular diet, sluggish metabolism and lack of physical activity. To cut the unw..
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Herbal drops Heart Dream and completely natural product composed of herbs, with love from no added artificial materials, colors and hormones. Heart and dream drops date are women from puberty to menopause. Medicinal plants protective guard the most intimate parts of a woman used to neredovnog and pa..
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Wife is happy and fulfilled as long as you don't get into your most difficult period when she shakes that confidence is limaks or menopause. It is a normal physiological phenomenon with any women. It can only take a few minutes and a couple of years. If you don't take care during this period..
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It has been proven that chronic stress and overwork, unemployment, family problems, years of negative effect on male potency, these days almost everyone going on episodes of impotence or premature ejaculation. Due to negative external circumstances and the rhythm of life heartily suggest herbal drop..
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