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Founded in 2007, Splash Toys is based in Normandy, in the Eure department (27). In December 2008, it bought the historical French brand “Nordy” and developed a new version of “Pigeon Shoot”. Later on, further shooting games were developed to broaden the range. Then in 2013, Splash Toys distributes in France and Benelux vibrant and innovative toys such as famous Robo Fish and Teksta, that were a milestone for the company. Since 2017, a new showroom was set in Boulogne-Billancourt, also home of our Marketing and Strategy teams.
In 11 years, Splash Toys became one of the “not to be missed” actors of the French toy market. “We are creators but also distributors of toys and games we go and find worldwide” emphasizes Najib-Michel Fayad, Splash Toys’ Executive Vice- President.
Thanks to its always on watch team, following every fashion trends and rising phenomenon, Splash Toys selects and models its new collections and creates its own toy lines. 40% of the toys are designed, made and distributed by Splash Toys while 60% come from worldwide partnerships such as MGA, Zapf… completing in a strategic manner its toy offer.
Strengthened by success, the company developed rapidly over the last years.
This year was the occasion for Splash Toys to receive one more time the “Great Toy Award” in Jury’s Favorite Category for L.O.L Surprise! Those fun to collect mini dolls are a must have for more than one year in France.
Three subsidiaries have been set up in The Netherlands, Germany and China, products are widely available from food and non-food retailers, online stores…
SPLASH TOYS TOY KAMI CHAMELEONIt's time for chameleons for dinner!So insects, beware of their long tongues that can reach you from all directions!Press your chameleon to stick out his tongue!But you have to wait for the right moment for that and be careful not to hit obstacles!Whoever catches the mo..
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