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A quick HCG urinary test for early pregnancy detection.

+SENSO TEST (cassette) is a highly sensitive, reliable and fast HCG urinary test for early pregnancy detection.

The test is based on determining the presence of HCG hormones (human choral gonadotropin) in the urine sample.

HCG in normal conditions synthesizes only placenta (placenta) if fertilisation (pregnancy) occurs.

High sensitivity +SENSO TEST detects pregnancy after 7 days from conceiving.

+SENSO TEST detects HCG concentration as early as 25 mIU/ml, while most tests detect HCG concentration only from 50 mIU/ml



RELIABLE - The accuracy of the readings > 99.5%

HIGHLY SENSITIVE - Pregnancy can be determined as early as 7 days after conceiving

BRZ - Results are visible in just 1 minute

+Senso test next to the cassette contains a pipe and urine sampling container.



The test can be performed at any time of the day, but the first morning urine produces the most reliable results.

The urine sample can be collected in a bowl that is given free in each box of +Senso dough.

The pipe (which is contained in the foil of the dough) takes a urine sample from the container, then 4 drops of urine are simply eassed (in) to a marked (reaction) place on the test cassette.

Depending on the concentration of HCG in the urine, the results may appear after 40 seconds.

To avoid false results, you must wait 5 minutes.

Before use, read the instructions contained in the test box.

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