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What is SC Johnson? Even though we’ve been around over 130 years, say the name “SC Johnson” and there’s occasionally some confusion. To set the record straight we Are a leading manufacturer of household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, pest control and shoe care, as well as professional products. SC Johnson brands include Glade®, Kiwi®, OFF!®, Pledge®, Mr Muscle®, Duck®, Baygon® and Raid®. Other brands include Ziploc®, Scrubbing Bubbles®, Windex®, Autan®, Bama®, Shout®, Mrs Meyers®, Babyganics®, Method® and Ecover®.
Plus, We Are a family company, led by the Johnson family of Racine, Wisconsin. Our Chairman and CEO, Fisk Johnson, is the fifth generation of the family to lead the company.
We Like to Think We’re Also a different kind of company. Because we’re family-owned and led, we don’t have to answer to Wall Street. We do what’s right for people and the planet because we believe we have a larger purpose.
We Operate all over the world! Check our careers page for more information. SC Johnson products are sold in virtually every country and we’re recognized as a great workplace in many of the countries where we operate.
Our Name Comes From Samuel Curtis Johnson, who founded the company in 1886. Over the years, we have been referred to as SC Johnson & Son, Johnson’s Wax, Johnson Wax, SC Johnson Wax and, since the 1990s, SC Johnson, a family company.
Scented discs in the gel prevent the formation of stones and the accumulation of bacteria. Duck scented discs continuously refresh, enable hygienic application, clean with every rinse, last up to 8 weeks. The Fresh Discs formula leaves an active shield with a jet that extends throughout the toilet b..
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