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Bone UP, Vitamin D3 i Kraljevski napitak

Preparati za osteoporozu i osteopeniju sa dodatnim kraljevskim napitkom koji jača vaš imunitet i smanjuje nadutost. Suplementi sa vitaminom D3 jačaju kosti.

BONE-UP MD is a unique formula for effective prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Bone Up MD is used in conditions of decreased immunity, but also in conditions where supplementation is needed to strengthen bones.The unique formula for raising immunity, Bone Up MD bags of calcium, magnesium..
3,678.00 RSD
Bone Up MD is an innovative preparation for osteoporosis and osteopenia with an additional immune effect. Calcium citrate and vitamin K2 give strength to bones, Vitamin D3, Zinc citrate and Magnesium citrate have a dual role - they participate in building and rebuilding bones, as well as a key role ..
899.00 RSD 1,800.00 RSD
Oregano oil plus the royal ginger-flavored drink is made from the Origanum minutiflorum variety, an endemic plant that grows only on the Taurus Mountains in the southern parts of Turkey. It grows in less accessible terrains. It is this climate that is the cause of the scientific fact that Oregano mi..
1,520.00 RSD 2,200.00 RSD
Vitamin D3 400IU direct is a unique dietary supplement with medical application, for healthy and strong bones. The bags contain vitamin D3 in an amount that meets the optimal daily needs according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, and their main role is to compensate for the p..
1,258.00 RSD 1,398.00 RSD
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