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Rossmax, a leader in the global healthcare market, is committed to developing and supplying premium products and solutions with supreme technologies on a top quality level.
The business fields are PREVENTION, MONITORING, THERAPY. The product and service portfolio consists of healthcare products in the field of Hypertension, Respiratory Care, Blood Glucose Management, Fever Management, Fitness, Obesity, Hot & Pain Therapy, Wound Healing as well as Sleep Disorder. All products are distributed in more than 90 countries and are clinically validated and approved based on latest quality standards. With the only fully integrated factory in the industry, Rossmax is very proud on their world class manufacturing capabilities and end-to-end process controls. From pioneering research and product development to highly efficient manufacturing, shipping and logistics, the operational excellence is a crucial key to the success.
Internal and local validations as well as proofs from well recognized institutions (such as BHS - British Hypertension Society, ESH - European Society of Hypertension) confirm the accuracy, safety, stability, reliability and high performance of the entire product range. The Rossmax blood pressure monitors can be fully recommended for an application in the pregnant population too.
In Rossmax, a sale is just the first step, but not the last. By providing excellent after-sales service we are committed to build a long-term relationship.
During the last decades Rossmax has developed a dynamic global after-sales concept which consist on selling techniques, follow-up contact and complaint handling. Through education and regular feedbacks, the quality in each process has reached a very high level.
 Inhaler for children and adults intended for inhalation of the lower respiratory tract (lungs).Powerful reciprocating compressor. Extremely easy to use. • The 2in1 medicine container allows easy cleaning and disassembly• MMAD ≤ 2.6 µm• Share of fine particles (FDP): 80-85%• Spray rate ≥ 0.35m..
4,549.00 RSD
 Designed for childrenThe patented adjustable valve easily provides drugs of different degrees of viscosity according to the needs and condition of each patient. Our adjustable valve technology allows users to adjust different spray and inhalation intensities in the range of 0.08 to 0.05 ml..
5,699.00 RSD
Detailed descriptionThe ROSSMAX HA 500 infrared thermometer for non-contact temperature measurement uses an infrared detector to detect body temperature from the surface of the temple in adults and children at home. This thermometer can also detect room temperatures as well as building temperatures..
5,799.00 RSD
ROSSMAX CH155f Movement DetectionReal Fuzzy TechnologyHypertension Risk IndicationIrregular Heartbeat Detection (IHB)Average of the last three readings90 memoriesOne-touch Automatic OperationLatex-Free Patented Universal Cone Cuff Real Fuzzy TechnologyReal Fuzzy Technology determines ideal..
3,799.00 RSD 4,999.00 RSD
ROSSMAX X1A professional, technologically advanced automatic blood pressure monitor for the upper arm, which is not just a meter but a serious medical device.Movement detectionCuff (CD) detectionHypertension risk indicatorDetection of irregular heart rhythm (IHB)Display of the last measurement stor..
5,599.00 RSD 6,723.00 RSD
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