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The Ganassini Institute was founded in 1935 in Milan. My great-grandfather prof. Domenico Ganassini is the first person to synthesize vitamin B3, applying the highest pharmaceutical standards in the production of cosmetics. He concluded that the skin is elastic, healthy and fantastic. This is how it is created for our most famous brand, RILASTIL.
We have been faithful to our roots for four generations, while constant investment in research and development has always been my father's priority. With three production and research centers, in Italy and Spain, and thanks to my sister Victoria (commercial director), we support Italian research institutions to employ young scientists who contribute to development and innovation. For the last few years, my brother Giuseppe (CEO) has been working to spread the Rilastil brand internationally, so women from over 50 countries enjoy Rilastil facial and body skin care products.
RILASTIL D-CLEAR DEPIGMENTACIJU CREAM SPF50 + Product description:D-clear cream for depigmentaciju and unification of complexion SPF 50 + tinted emulsion is intended for day treatment.  Worded with active components that have effects against stains, works on stains and conceals hyperpigmentat..
2,790.00 RSD
RILASTIL XEROLACT E CREAM Product description:Concentrated Sodium lactate cream 30% Specific treatment highly replenishing, hidrirajućeg and emolijentnog effects that reduces the layers of the surface layer of the skin.  Especially designed for more difficult forms of Hyperkeratosis, localize..
1,899.00 RSD
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