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Family love for nature and the tradition of beekeeping dating back to the XIX. century, led to the creation of a company specializing in the production of natural preparations and dietary supplements based on bee products and herbs.
Registered in 1988, PROPOLIS PLUS d.o.o. has made generations of customers happy with the decades-long presence of its products on the market, who have incorporated the culture of using powerful natural preparations into their everyday life.
The modern production plant follows and meets world standards, starting from the production of organic raw materials to the final product, in order to ensure high biological and nutritional value as well as maximum effectiveness of valuable natural preparations.
Renowned Swiss certification company SGS,
confirms the high quality of production with the following implemented certificates:
Food safety system - HACCP
Quality management system - ISO 9001
Food safety management - ISO 22000
The company PROPOLIS PLUS d.o.o. it is unique on the market because it has an organic certificate
for their beehives located on the sunny meadows of Kosmaj and Zlatibor, from where the primary raw materials are collected
(honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly) which are further used in a strictly controlled production process.
FEATURES: Royal Jelly capsules: -are the perfect source of protein, which are one of the most important elements for the maintenance of good health and vitality -in combination with vitamin C, enhancing the work of the central nervous system, improves metabolism, encourages appetite, protect the bod..
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