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PP PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL DOO is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2012. From the very beginning, the company has been importing and distributing UNIQUE preparations from the world's leading manufacturers for improving sexual health. After many years of successful business and thanks to the trust of our customers, the company starts its own production of preparations from various fields and purposes. The team consists of graduate pharmacists, doctors and other medical workers who have been engaged in pharmacy for many years. Our work is accompanied by continuous professional development of all employees, as well as legally required continuing education. All employees strive for a common goal - to meet the needs of all users of our products with knowledge and kindness. Quality for our company is not only a goal, but a condition for further development and progress.
During all these years, we distribute our products through the most eminent distribution companies, both in the region and in the markets of the EU and Russia. Also, we have been successfully distributing our products to ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD for many years through various ONLINE sales channels.
FACT:ANTIMAMURLUK (HANGOVER OFF) - powder mixture with lime flavor contains carefully selected substances of plant origin that strongly eliminate the symptoms of hangover. Contains a combination of taurine, vitamin C, guarana extract and green tea. Taurine is an active component that has antioxidant..
1,850.00 RSD
 MAX ERECT is a natural-based oral gel that will help you achieve and maintain an erection easier and faster. Aware of how important performance is to every man, we have created a product that will help you no longer have to worry before the lights go out - you will know that with MAX ERECT you..
1,850.00 RSD
Effect: Spanish fly (Spanish fly) drops contain carefully selected substances of vegetable origin, which is a selective, reversible inhibitors of cyclic Guanosine monophosphate (cGMP)-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). Physiological effects of this unique product is created by due to sexual ..
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PRODUCT NAME: STUD-spray for postponing early ejaculation and the extension of sexual intercourse.MANUFACTURER: PP Products International driverEFFECT: STUD spray contains carefully selected substances of plant origin in combination with local anaesthetic, reversible and temporary blocks of ..
1,850.00 RSD
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