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Product Description

Sales of this drug over the Internet is prohibited by the law of the Republic of Serbia, while advertising the same way the Internet allowed solely as a reminder and has the purpose of information.


Carefully read these instructions because it contains information that suvažne for you.

This medicine you can buy without a medical prescription, to treat minor ailments without the help of your doctor. In addition, it is necessary to carefully use this medicine to get the best results from it. If you need any more additional information or advice, please contact a doctor, to the pharmacist. If your symptoms get worse or if it does not get better, be sure to visit Your doctor.

Name of drug, strength, pharmaceutical form:
Povidone iodine 200 mg vaginal suppositories

Unprotected drug name:

Qualitative composition:
Active substance: povidone iodine
Auxiliary substances: 85% glycerol, MACROGOL 400, MACROGOL 6000

Statement of:
One suppository contains:
povidone-iodine, 200 mg (equivalent to 20 mg of available iodine)

Pharmaceutical form:
Vaginal suppositories

Pharmacotherapeutic group:
ATC: G01AX11 Antiseptic (vaginal)

What is cure Povidone iodine and what he's supposed to do.
Povidone iodine is the complex iodine and polymeric carrier povidona. Out of such a complex iodine gradually frees up acting against a wide range of disease-causing pathogens: bacteria (Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, but cast a tuberculosis), fungi, viruses, protozoa, including spores and cysts. Effect of povidone iodine is long lasting and does not reduce the presence of secretions or blood.
Povidone iodine vaginal suppositories are used for the treatment of vaginitis and vulvovaginitisa caused by non-specific bacteria, Candida albicans, Trichomonas vaginalis or caused by the many different microorganisms.

What you need to read before you can use this medicine:
This medicine MUST NOT be used in the following cases:

If you are allergic to povidone iodine or any of the auxiliary substances
If you have a serious disease thyroid gland
When you apply the radioactive iodine
Warnings and precautions:
If in the course of applying "turns up a feeling of burning, itching and irritation, continued use of the drug should stop and contact Your doctor.
If during the treatment you get your period, don't interrupt the treatment already and continue on with the use of vaginal suppository
There is a possibility that vaginal suppositories can damage condoms and diaphragm and decrease their emergency contraceptive efficacy. Therefore, you should use some extra emergency contraceptive protection, at least 5 days after stopping the use of vaginal suppository
If you are trying to become pregnant should avoid use of this drug, because of possible spermicidne activities povidone iodine.

We do not recommend use of Povidone iodine vaginal suppository to a girl before the puberleta.


If you have a thyroid disorder in the work, avoid regular and prolonged use of Povidone iodine "
If you have a disruption in the work of the kidneys, caution should be exercised when using this medication
Laboratory tests:
In the course of application of Povidone iodine vaginal suppository, test strips for detecting bleeding in feces and urine, can give false positive results, which is a consequence of the strong oxidative activity of povidone iodine.
If it is set in extensive resorption Povidone iodine from the implementation, tests for thyroid function may be abnormal.

Application during pregnancy and breastfeeding:
We do not recommend applying Povidone iodine "during pregnancy and lactation, without prior consultation with Your doctor.

Influence on psychophysical abilities when you drive and machines:
Povidone iodine has no effect on the ability to drive or handle dangerous machinery.

What do you have to be careful if you are taking other medications?
Note that this information may apply to medicines that you no longer drink, as well as the medications that you plan to take in the future.
If you are taking lithium, avoid using Povidone iodine ".

How to cure povidone iodine is used?
Povidone iodine vagitoriju release from wrappers and wet with water. Put in the morning and in the evening at a time vagitoriju, deep in the vagina. During the treatment it is recommended to use sanitary pads (no tampons), in order to prevent trapping machine yellow-with Brown paint. The color is, otherwise, easy rinsing water with leather and fabric.
Duration of treatment:
Therapy lasts 14 days in any phase of the menstrual cycle, including the days of menstruation.
If the symptoms do not diminish or is new, be sure to contact a doctor.

Adverse reaction to medication:
As well as all the drugs and medicine Povidone iodine could have adverse reactions.
In rare cases the place of application can reach a local irritation in the form of burning, itching, painful sensitivity, discomfort.
If you notice any symptoms that might be adverse reactions to the drug Povidone iodine, vaginal suppositories, and are not mentioned in this manual, please notify Your doctor or pharmacist.

Keep the medicine out of the reach of children!
Store up to 25 ° c.

Packaging: Box with 14 "

Shelf life:
3 years.
The drug should not be used after the expiration date that is indicated on the packaging.

Way of publishing a cure:
The cure can be issued without medical prescription.

Special measures the destruction of unused medication or rest cure:
Unused drug will be destroyed in accordance with važečim regulations.

Name and address of the manufacturer:
Hemofarm A.D. Beogradski put bb, 26300 Vršac

Before using a detailed study guide. About indications, precautions and adverse reactions to medication, consult with a doctor or pharmacist.

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