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Plus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Kragujevac is a privately-owned domestic company, established in 2014, whose main activity is the production and distribution of herbal products.
Our strategic partner is the firm Nikolic KD from Vranje, which has been producing natural medicinal products of established quality for thirty years already. The recipes for all products are the work of Dr. Dobrivoje Nikolic, who devoted his whole career to medicine and to studying, collecting and processing medicinal herbs. The recipes are several decades old, and are the result of many years of experience in treating patients with different health conditions. Until 2014, the production operated within its retail unit – a herbal pharmacy. In 2014, Plus Pharmaceuticals took over complete care of the production, design, and creation of new modern packaging, the provision of appropriate health certificates for the products, the formation of market supply and demand, planning and implementation of marketing activities, directed towards both professional and general public, the design of a complete business presence on the pharmaceutical market, and the distribution and marketing of Nikolić KD products under the brand name Plus Pharmaceuticals – based on Dr. D. Nikolic recipe.
In 2016, Plus Pharmaceuticals started to export, market and sell products on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in 2019 on the market of Montenegro. Due to this, Plus Pharmaceuticals increased the volume of domestic production, contributed to the increase in the volume of operations of domestic companies engaged in buying up medicinal herbs, and brought about an increase in engagement of agricultural cooperatives and herb gatherers that provide the necessary raw materials.
The Portfolio is currently made up of twenty three products, formulated on the basis of many decades of experience in production, and selected based on many years of selling experience, which contributed to learning about the needs of pharmaceutical market. All products are divided into two collections: Herbal Therapy and Herbal Tea.
Herbal Therapy collection consists of two lines, Ointments and Lotions, both formulated on the basis of natural ingredients, without the addition of artificial preservatives.
Herbal Tea collection consists of teas, high-quality Herbal blends produced on the basis of carefully selected medicinal herbs traditionally used for prevention and in the treatment of different health problems.
All herbs used in the production of the collections Herbal Therapy and Herbal Tea originate from the purest parts of the mountains of Svrljig and Vlasina regions.
Tens of thousands of patients, as well as numerous medical institutions in which our products are used, bear witness to their quality.
In Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, Plus Pharmaceuticals advertises its products in pharmaceutical journals, supplements and magazines. It creates an Internet campaign which includes social networks and Google marketing. Medical marketing is conducted in the form of educating home healthcare, health center and hospital staff. Promotional activities are organized by involving the general public, i.e. end-users of products. Plus Pharmaceuticals works on raising awareness about the importance of natural products and the promotion of Serbian production.
Plus Pharmaceuticals has managed to blend traditional, modern and innovative, and prove that a high-quality domestic product supported by sound and appropriate marketing can achieve a guaranteed success and unerringly find its way to patients.
As the confirmation of proper work, commitment and quality, Plus Pharmaceuticals possesses recognized certificates ISO 9001:2008, H.A.C.C.P. and Trusted Company 2016.
The goal of the company Plus Pharmaceuticals is the improvement and preservation of health of people through natural products, popularization of domestic production, expansion of export of Serbian products to foreign markets, investment in the development of new formulae, and employment of medical and pharmaceutical professional staff.
Products of the company Plus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Kragujevac can be found in pharmacies all over Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

CIRKULO TIN BILJNE KAPI - 860617651675 - Veins, circulation..
648.00 RSD
REUMEL-D KOD REUMATSKIH TEGOBA - 8606107651507 - Rheumatism and convulsions..
750.00 RSD
ACNE PLUS LOSION - 860617651040 - Acne, pimples and mitiseri..
450.00 RSD
BILJNA MEŠAVINA 11 - 860617651347 - Products that accelerate digestion..
505.00 RSD
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