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Pharmoval is a Croatian line of food supplements that includes certain medical and cosmetic products. The line has been carefully developed and designed for the special needs of the organism from the earliest age. It contains products that are helpful for a whole range of health problems. Immune products under the brand name Imunosal with a very popular beta-glucan and a unique combination of vitamins and minerals stand out. The owner of the Pharmoval line is the company Nemus Lex d.o.o. from Zagreb.
Pharmoval products, at very reasonable prices that do not affect their quality, supplement the diet with substances that the body does not receive in sufficient quantities or the need for them in certain situations is increased. The purpose of Pharmoval products is a more favorable effect on health and an increase in the body's general resistance to external stress. Pharmoval supplements primarily help maintain the proper physiological functions of the body as a whole or its individual parts. So, for example, in the Pharmoval line you can find unique products for immunity, iron supplementation, throat irritation, etc. The line also features a very innovative cosmetic product for the care of children's skin with chickenpox.
Nature, health ...
The ingredients in all products are very carefully selected, and represent the best of nature and plants combined with the latest trends in dietary supplements. All products are completely free of ingredients of animal origin, so they are 100% suitable for vegetarians.
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