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Pharmosis was formed as a result of 25 years of experience of the company's owners in the field of pharmacy, in the highest positions in multinational companies, of which the last 7 years in sales and marketing in the region (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and previously in the field of regulation and obtaining licenses in the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices in the listed countries of the region.
After many years of work and extensive experience in the field of pharmacy, the establishment of this company aims to bring together the most professional team of professionals in the field of regulation, sales and marketing and to focus this knowledge on solutions to individual needs and specific requirements of each client.
Our team includes a good professional network of contacts and detailed knowledge of the state system and regulations, including all phases from planning to product launch, preparation of complete documentation for obtaining a license, monitoring the life cycle of the drug, to a deep understanding of international business requirements.

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