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 The packaging of castor oil contains

• 250 ml of castor oil, cold pressed and cold processed, without hexane

• certified 100% cotton fabric raw, dyed, top quality, produced in Serbia. The quality of the fabric, technical characteristics and raw material composition were controlled by laboratories:

• CIS Centrotekstil Belgrade

FRAD Aleksinac

ETI Nikola Tesla Belgrade

 Certified cotton raw dyed fabric 33cm x 66cm is for 30-fold use


Studies have shown that castor oil has a unique chemical profile rich in ricinoleic acid found only in the castor bean from which the oil is extracted. A double-blind study conducted by the Research Association Inc. showed both increased lymphocyte production and the level of T-cell lymphocyte activity in the control group that used castor oil packs.

In addition to strengthening the immune system, castor oil has a balancing effect on the autonomic nervous system, increasing liver activity and improving digestion. Tumors, fibroids and cysts can shrink.

Other medicines use packs of castor oil

When applied externally to the abdomen, a castor oil coating helps strengthen the lymph tissue in the small intestine. Research studies have found that castor oil acts as an ANTITOXIN and helps increase lymphocyte production and strengthen the body's defense system. Over time, overall health improves due to improved functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

Castor oil stimulates lymphatic drainage

Castor oil shows anticancer properties by promoting the lymphatic system to remove accumulated waste and toxins from the body. Increased lymphatic drainage leads to increased production of lymphocytes, which are critical for the immune system because they signal a call for help when the body is attacked by foreign agents.

Packaging of castor oil cleanses the human body

Polyunsaturated fatty acids that are part of castor oil stimulate lipid metabolism at the cellular level. In other words, the oil stimulates the metabolism of nutrients in the human body, which has a very favorable effect on the work of the liver.

Packing of castor oil for a better gut microbiome
Castor oil has also been shown to help improve the body's antioxidant status. Castor oil can also naturally break down the biofilm that surrounds bad bacteria. When the protective layer of these bad bacteria is removed, healthy bacteria can fight the bad bacteria to help restore the balance of the intestinal microbiome.

Castor oil packages have a number of positive physiological effects

• liver stimulation

• dissolution and removal of lesions and adhesions

• relieve pain and improve coordination throughout the nervous system

• gallbladder stimulation

• improvement of lymphatic circulation

• improving gastrointestinal assimilation

• reduction of total inflammation, extraction of lactic acid from the muscles

• reduction of bloating

• dissolving and removing adhesions

Cold pressed hexane-free oil is used to treat the following health problems:

• Lymphatic problems

• Joint diseases: arthritis, bursitis

• Joint and muscle pain

• Cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder)

• Liver disease such as cirrhosis

• Renal disorders

• Detoxification (kidneys, liver, gallbladder)

• Sand and stones in the gallbladder and kidneys

• Neuritis (inflammation of the nerves)

• Indigestion

• Intestinal disorders such as constipation

• Colitis, Crohn's, leaky intestines

• Cleansing the intestines and removing toxins and harmful substances from the body

• Weight loss without harming your own health

• Irregular cycles, uterine cysts and ovarian cysts

• Fibrocystic breasts

• Uterine fibroids

• Reduced production of breast milk

• Menstrual cramps

• Inflammation of the intestines

• Epilepsy

• Scleroderma

A headache

• Pain and improved coordination throughout the nervous system

• Blood poisoning

• Hemorrhoids

• Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary sphere

• Muscle sprains and skin lesions

• Female gynecological diseases

• Cold and bronchitis

• Castor oil can be used for cataracts and inflammatory processes in the eyes. Helps eliminate infection

• Allergies

• Wounds, cuts and scars

• Stretch marks

• Blisters and corns around

• In hearing loss

• For pilonidal cysts

• Reduction of lower back pain

• Relief in chronic diarrhea

• To remove nodules on vocal cords and chronic hoarseness

• In sports injuries

• Beneficial on the skin - heals wounds, ulcers and burns, relieves irritation

• Removes papillomas and warts

• Helps with dry eyes, strengthens hair and contributes to its abundant growth

• Skin changes, wrinkles, sun spots, sunburned skin, age spots, eczema of various etiologies, etc.…

• Acne

• Insect stings

• Fungus on nails and feet


• Reduction of overall inflammation

• Reduction of bloating

• Stimulation of organs and glands

• Regeneration of the intestinal mucosa

• Skin changes like benign moles

• Tinnitus

• Hyperactivity

• Calcium deposits on the soles

• Skin cancer

• Snoring

• Hepatitis

• Alcoholism

• Improving health in the terminal phase of cancer

Contraindications and side effects

• pregnancy and breastfeeding

• allergy to castor oil or its individual components

• intestinal obstruction - in this case the laxative properties will be harmful

• An overdose of castor oil should be avoided as it can lead to severe dehydration and cause serious harm.

• For oily skin, the oil should be used with caution for cosmetic purposes - castor oil can clog pores, which will negatively affect the condition of the epidermis.

The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

• relieving nausea

• dissolving gallstones

• improving liver and kidney coordination

• stimulation of organs and glands

How to use castor oil packaging

The packaging of castor oil consists of a certified 100% raw unpainted cotton cloth soaked in cold-pressed and cold-treated castor oil that is applied to the skin for therapeutic purposes. Castor oil is deeply absorbed through the skin and reaches the lymph, musculoskeletal and muscular system and internal organs.

 Technique no. 1 - Standard technique

- In a non-metallic pot, heat the castor oil to skin temperature.

- Soak a cotton cloth in oil to soak it well.

- Place the package over the area to be treated (stomach, knee, shoulder, back ...) and cover it with nylon wrap and towel.

- Place a heat source, hot water bottle or hot water bottle over the package to maintain a constant heat during the treatment.

- In addition, cover everything with a thick towel.

- Adjust the heat so you are comfortable, but do not fall asleep while using the hot water heater!

 -Keep the packaging for at least one hour, preferably 2 to 3 hours.

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