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ACTION: Hamamelis Virginiana distillate plants sadrtži active substances that seem astringent, soothes burning and irritated skin. Reduces problems with bruises and removes the bruises. D-panthenol accelerates tissue regeneration, binds water in the skin which prevents its drainage. Chamomile extrac..
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HOW HYPER NOĆURAK CREAM WORK? Yellow noćurak (Oenothera biennis) originates from South America. Traditionally, Indian oil from the seeds of this plant, used in the treatment of skin diseases and wounds. In the 17th century. century made in England and is mentioned in the literature as a universal CU..
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HOW HYPER UREA CREAM WORK? Urea (carbamide) keeps the humidity in the superficial layer of the skin (rožastom), by their crystal structure binds water and gradually released. In addition to the expressed ability skin hydrating, urea treasure broken down međućelijski the matrix, and razmekšava..
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HOW HYPER-ZN SEEMS VERY FAT? Zinc oxide stimulates collagen synthesis and plays a significant role in the processes of healing and epitelizacije damaged skin. Reduces irritation and acts as an Antiinflammatory agent. Is a powerful antioxidant.Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, including EPA&..
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