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Product Description


Product description:

The product has been declared as a dietary product, or as a food with specific medical purpose. 

Vitamin D3 is vitamin liposolubilnih vitamin from groups who back decades is the focus of scientific research, due to the large number of effects in the human body.

Osteomalacija, osteoporosis, rickets, nonspecific aches and pains in the muscles and bones, weak immunity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and dementia are all diseases that are associated with lack of vitamin D3.
Published a very large number of high-quality study, which links various diseases with lack of vitamin D3.
Just for example:
Research of Mayo Clinic in the United States for 150 persons aged 10-65 years with non-specific pain in the bones and muscles showed that 93% of people had a vitamin D3.
One study found that the higher the amount of vitamin D3 in the body, the greater the density of the bones.
We know that vitamin D3 regulates calcium metabolism in the body, but are established and a number of other functions. Vitamin D has the function of preventing the proliferation of (cell division) and supports their differentiation.
It turned out that malignant cells in breast, lung, skin (melanoma), colon, prostate and bones have receptors for vitamin D3. For this type of tumor studies has proven that in laboratory cultures, prevent the growth of cancer cells. A large number of studies have also proved that preventive role of vitamin D3 in preventing various types of cancer.



 Rickets and osteomalacija
 Improves the immune response of the body
 Protection against breast cancer, colon and prostate
 Activate the cells of the immune system
Increases the resistance of the organism and prevent infectious diseases

Cardiovascular diseases

Why Optimu D3 1000IU?

-All the latest scientific studies prove that the previous dose of 400 IU. Higher doses are recommended daily. The attitude Mayo Clinic is to be done with Osteoporosis, depending on the cause of osteoporosis (age, medications, lack of VIt D3 in the body or something else) the recommended daily dose is from 1000 to 2000IU that continuously from 2 to 6 months. Osteomalaciju prporučena for a daily dose, which is the official stance of the Mayo Clinic, 2000IU. Extremely large daily doses today recommended to the prevention of breast cancer, colona, prostate and growing recommendations remarkably high doses at MS.

-In order to meet the requirements and needs of doctors and patients, we opted for this format and at this dose.

-Because it is the only format that meets the full daily dose

-Vitamin D3 is the form of holekalciferola.

-Vitamin D3 is converted in the kidney to kalcitrol, the active form of vitamin D3, and kalcitriol improves the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and stimulates the synthesis of osteokalcina (a protein that affects the bone-building).

• Is included in the appropriate differentiation of cells (prostate, breast, colon)

Therapy depending on the deployment of 1 or 2 capsules is monthly or two-month.

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