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 OHROPAX® Mini Silicon

Luxury for the ears

8 silicone earplugs. Flexible complete ear protection.

It doesn't let through noise, water and wind.

OHROPAX Silicon consists of medical grade silicone. This versatile material is an ideal solution for ear protection. It is possible to shape it flexibly, it is effectively sealed and based on dermatologically tested characteristics, it is pleasant and gentle to wear.

The use of:

OHROPAX Silicon with clean fingers repeatedly knead firmly and form a ball of material. Avoid the oblong shape! For children's ears, it is possible to reduce the plugs a little. Use only a large enough suppository that does not fall apart.

Place the ball in a dry and clean ear canal.

Carefully press the ball into the ear canal so that it engages well and the ear canal becomes well occluded. Don't put too deep!

Removal: Carefully pull the plunger out of the ear with your fingers in one piece. Do not use solid objects as aids.

Note: OHROPAX Silicon earplugs are non-toxic. Keep them out of the reach of babies and small children, because if swallowed carelessly, they can reach the trachea.

 Reusable noise protection plugs according to EN 352-2: 2002


Put the earplug exactly as described above.

 As noise protection: Earplugs must be worn at all times where noise is generated.

As a protection against water: Make sure that the suppository can loosen during stronger movements such as jumping, crawling or diving and that in that case there is no longer sufficient protection. In case of chronic ear diseases and eardrum injuries, consult a doctor or pharmacist before use.

As long as you do not use earplugs, keep them clean and dry in a box and protect them from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Certain chemicals can harm this product.

You can request additional information from the manufacturer.

The suppositories can be used repeatedly. They can be carefully washed on the outside with warm water and mild soap. Use only clean and dry suppositories. Replace suppositories with visible dirt that cannot be removed or suppositories that have lost their elasticity due to prolonged use and thus loosened in their airtight effect.

OHROPAX Silicon earplugs are non-toxic. Keep them out of the reach of babies and small children, because if swallowed carelessly, they can reach the trachea.

Warning: Failure to follow the instructions can significantly reduce the protective effect of earplugs.

Made in Germany; manufacturer: OHROPAX GmbH, D-61269 Wehrheim

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