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This applies to the second and third-degree burns. at injury where the skin is covered with blisters or is destroyed with wounds of different origin.

How to use:
The area around the wound at a width of about 5 cm clean gauze soaked in diluted with alcohol. The wound rinsed 3% solution of hydrogen and in severe cases (where the broken skin) and sterile physiological saline. If the opečenoj skin has blisters, they need a sterile needle puncture, gentle pressure to squeeze out fluid (liquid) and then delete the diluted with alcohol. On četvorostruku sterile gauze, slightly larger than the size of the wound using a sterile spatula (knife) cause a layer of ointment 1/2 mm thick, this is how prepared Gaza put on the wound so that the layer along the width of in direct contact with her. To gaza remains in direct contact with the wound, is without tension bandage bandage plaster or fixed (as is comfortable). By putting ointment on the wound, the pain starts to get lost, to make for a relatively short period of time completely disappeared. After every 24 hours the entire process again with a new sterile gauze. Gobanović wound up shrinking coating ointment, limited only to an unrepaired bone part early. Remodeled part no longer rubbing balm. When the wound heals, that is. When the epidermis, with further therapy continues MelOp balm-E, and that by doing the following: cotton tampon or tuferom from the Gaza Strip, remodeled part of the burns primed so that young skin is constantly under the influence of ointment. Do this until no redness disappears. With the application of ointment MelOp-E should continue as long as the skin does not normalize.

MelOp-G is the dispergovan extract of medicinal plants from the last harvest in polučvrstoj oily surface of beeswax and olive oil

Package: 60 g

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