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Mediflora doo officially started operating in 2007, we have been dealing with medicinal herbs long before that period, since 1992. During this time, we have gained the reputation and respect of all our customers, who have realized that the best treatment is natural herbal preparations, such as teas, herbal extracts and other herbal preparations.
The development of the company went in the direction of the development of herbal supplements in the form of monocomponent and complex teas and herbal drops based on over 100 herbal species for almost all indication areas. All products are conceived primarily on a scientific basis, which in a large number of phytopreparations coincides with empirical experience.
Centuries-old tradition and modern scientific data are the basis on which the production program of the Herbal Pharmacy Mediflora is based.
For their innovations in the field of medicinal herbal preparations, our experts have received numerous gold medals at national and international gatherings, of which we would like to single out the WIPO Gold Medal of the World Innovation Organization.

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