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Digital scales

Digital scales of categories on the site contains an offer of scales for measuring body weight as well as devices for determining fat in the body of famous brands in the field of medicine.

The digital scales on the Pharmacy Online site are made of the highest quality materials and the multi-year warranty on the scales provides you with additional security that you have invested your money safely.
Brand: OMRON
Body fat has a low electrical conductivity Device BF214 measured the percentage of fat in the body of the method of bioelectrical impedanse (BI).Muscles, blood vessels and bones are tissues with high water content which conducts electricity. The body's fat tissue with low power provodljivo&s..
6,600.00 RSD
Brand: OMRON
SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING BODY COMPOSITION-Digital scales for accurate measurement of body weight, the system for determining the amounts of fat, levels of visceral fat, percentage of skeletal muscle and basic metabolic rate -For users from 6 to 80 years of age -easy to understand and transparent..
12,000.00 RSD
Brand: OMRON
DIGITAL SCALE-Home Digital scales for measurement of body weight (maximum weight up to 180 kg in increments of 100 g) -Large, reviewed display (77 x 45 mm) for reading measurement results -the measurement differences "helps when measuring the weight of a child, luggage, ... -Modern techn..
4,500.00 RSD
Brand: OMRON
DIGITAL SCALE PDS17Product description:-maximum weight of 150 kg -high quality of build: stainless steel/glass -switch on by touching the feet -automatic switch-off -high precision measurement -large display reviewed -very thin (6 mm) kolorisano reinforced glass -selection of measurem..
2,400.00 RSD
Brand: OMRON
THE SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING THE AMOUNTS OF FAT IN THE BODY-Measure the amount of fat in Your body by pushing the Palm of your hand -Compact and portable apparatus, intended for use at home, at clinics and in fitness centers -Very fast and accurately measure the amount of fat in the body in% and..
7,800.00 RSD
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