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Product Description

What are Makulin® Dual Action eye drops?

Makulin® Dual Action eye drops are a medical product for ophthalmic use.

They reduce irritation, have an antioxidant, hydrating and lubricating effect and thus calm the eye.

They protect the surface of the eye by supporting physiological and integrative antioxidant mechanisms and increase the aqueous component of the tear film with the final effect of maintaining or restoring the normal physiological state of the eye mucosa.

They are especially useful for eye allergies or other eye discomfort caused by environmental influences or mechanical stress.

When and for whom are they intended?


Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis

Dry eye syndrome

Eye discomfort due to:

the influence of environmental factors: environment (dust, air conditioning, exposure to sunlight, dry or very hot air),

mechanical stress (insufficient blinking due to long-term use of a computer or long driving, learning, wearing contact lenses),

old age, menopause or post-menopausal conditions,

nutritional deficiencies such as reduced or insufficient vitamin intake,

Blepharitis (drops facilitate the release of secretions that are present on the edges of the eyelids).

Instructions for use

Wash your hands thoroughly.

Remove a seal that cannot be opened without visible damage before first use.

Remove the protective cap and open the bottle.

Turn the bottle upside down and press lightly to instill 2 drops in each eye, unless otherwise specified.

Gradual emptying of the bottle may be associated with the need to apply more pressure to allow the product to come out. This is because the closing mechanism works in a way to preserve the sterility and chemical and physical properties of the preservative-free eye drop solution.

 Close the bottle immediately after use.

The contents should be used within 3 months of first opening.


Sodium hyaluronate, rosemary acid, allantoin, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, vegetable glycerol, vitamin B12, sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate, sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, sodium chloride.

Bottle: 10ml

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