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LYSI as a leading producer of fully refined fish oils for human consumption is at the forefront of research and product development in its field, and emphasises strict quality control when it comes to developing, manufacturing, and selling its products. 
Since its foundation in 1938 the company has built up extensive knowledge and become a global leader in the production of fish oils in bulk as well as products intended for sale to consumers.
The quality of the products is assured through rigorous quality systems and control.  The 2005 & 2012 state-of-the-art processing plants enable the manufacturing of products that are second to none in quality.
Brand: LYSI
Ajkus's prevention and assistance in the treatment of colds, flu, asthma, bronchitis, allergies, stress, depression, high blood pressure, coronary and cardiovascular diseases, regulates the number of lymphocytes, during chemotherapy in postoperative period, protects cells from degenerative chang..
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